Kecksburg UFO Crash Incident Is About To Go Hollywood

Hundreds of people observed a green glowing object with wisps of orange, purple and yellow colors in December 1965 in the night sky above western Pennsylvania. Moments later, the military swarmed the scene where the UFO allegedly landed. They were composed of men in suits and uniforms, and some in hazmat gear.
According to witnesses, the object was a 10 to 12 feet metal that looked like an acorn. Soon the military men loaded the UFO into a truck and carted it away. Residents were worried about radiation and wondering what happened that night.
Eventually, the mysterious event became famous as Kecksburg UFO Incident. The unidentified flying object apparently came down on December 9, 1965. Authorities at that time said it was a meteorite. Many researchers have been challenging the official claim, but it never changed then.
Researchers consider the Kecksburg UFO as one of the great unsolved mysteries as people in the small town of Kecksburg still talk about what had taken place before members of the military got into the scene and took the object away. Many believe that it was not a meteor, but a craft.
Witnesses said that they saw it at around 4:47 pm when it came out of the sky from the northwest. The object was reportedly flaming from over Canada, Ohio to Western Pennsylvania. It seemed to be guided as it changed path and made a level descent away from homes and into the woods of Kecksburg.
Now, a Pennsylvania-based film company wants to shed more lights on the mystery through making a movie on the topic. Grand Conspiracy Films, a company that specializes in making movies based on urban legends and folklore, are now casting for roles, and shooting is set to start in 2018.

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