Annual Report On UFO Sightings Released

Winnipeg-based Ufology Research recently published their 2016 Canadian UFO Survey, which features light-fingered alien, airplane near-misses, and bright lights. There were 1,131 reported UFO sightings in total across Canada. Only four percent of the total sightings could not be explained. The percentage is a record low in 28 years the study has been carried out. Chris Rutkowski, the study author, explained that low rating is likely the result of more scrutiny of UFO sighting claims.
UFO sighting reports are usually on the rise during summer, but turn out to be simple lights in the sky.
Among the provinces, Quebec led the country with 38.5 percent of the sightings. The province also has the largest populations. Ontario placed second with 26 percent and followed by British Columbia with 17 percent.
A simple point source of light comprises most shapes of reported UFOs with 57 percent. Other forms indicated were balls (9%), fireballs (5%), triangles(4%), and cigars (3%).
The report includes cases of the massive, disc-shaped object with searchlights flying over the mountains in North Vancouver. It mentions the boomerang-shaped spotted moving across the sky near St. Thomas in Ontario.
There is also a reference to a reported near miss of the commercial plane over Toronto with an unidentified flying object while on a routine flight on November 14.
Close encounter cases are not that high when compared to UFO sightings, but high on the strangeness scale.
A man in Cornwall, P.E.I saw a thin, six-foot-tall, long-fingered white being in a black suit, which spoke to him in his bedroom before leaving by walking through a wall.
Those close encounter cases also include a man in Lanaudiere, Quebec who claimed he was transported into a field of plants and plunged into a bathtub where three green, big-eyed humanoid creatures surrounded him and communicated with him telepathically.

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