India’s Mysterious Stonehenge: Prehistoric Complex Of Gigantic Standing Stones Of Willong Is An Enigma

Fascinating and mysterious complex of standing stones – very similar to those of the famous Stonehenge – is located at Willong Khullen, a small village in Manipur, in the North- Eastern part of India.

What was meaning behind gathering all of these structures to these hills? Why was it so important to place them exactly there? Were they used for religious ceremonies or/and as funeral stones? Were they considered sacred or used as astronomical observations or both?

This massive stone material is not reported to be available in the vicinity of Willong and its surroundings.

Unfortunately, this intriguing and very ancient megalithic complex is not particularly well-known to the people from outside except for the residents living in the vicinity of Willong, who have lived continuously with the stones.

These people say that their number is uncountable because there is a spirit that deliberately confuses you midway while counting them. Some who made attempts to count the stones reported that their total number is approximately 135 pillars.

The standing stones of Willong are surrounded by many legends preserved and transmitted orally from one generation to another.

One local legend narrates that the gigantic structures were erected by the area’s forefathers and each stones has a unique story to tell. Among the people’s ancient beliefs there is also one that the stones have their own name and they ‘really talk’ to each other at night.

In male’s voice, each stone called one another with their names such as ‘Kala’, ‘Kanga’, ‘Hila’, etc.

Villagers explained that only a man of exceptional strength and power can think of erecting a stone at the site. One of such giant stones is standing separately at the outskirt of the village. Over many generations people have believed that it was sent by God to mark the uniqueness of Willong village, located on a steep slope on the hills.

The standing stones are located on the slopes and vary in size; the tallest of them are as high as 7 meters (23 feet) and approximately a meter thick.

Nowadays, people’s practices and beliefs connected to ancestor worship are often forgotten. At Willong, there are today only a few elders who know about the history of these gigantic stones, but soon, all the folk songs and tales related to them might be forgotten – forever.

Written by – A. Sutherland Staff Writer

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