INDEPENDENCE DAY 3? Baffling footage shows mysterious ‘burning’ object behind storm clouds in India

INCREDIBLE footage shows a sky which appears to be filled with raging FIRE.

Filmed in Bangalore, India, the viral video shows tortured-looking clouds which appear to have flames burning behind them.

Locals can be heard talking excitedly about the mysterious phenomena which has been likened to the famous “invasion” scene from the 1996 blockbuster movie Independence Day by social media users.

There is no confirmation as to what caused the eerie sight – although some commentators have suggested it was simply the fierce Indian sun blasting through the angry grey sky.

However, some online dwellers believe the footage shows something far more sinister.

One said: “That is crazy looking and rather terrifying too!  It looks like some big alien submarine siting on a cloud of fire.”

Another wrote: “So it looks like those guys for India finally got to watch Independence Day.”

A third added: “That is absolutely crazy!!!”

One user posted: “Looks like a space explosion.”

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