The massive cover-up of “Alien civilizations” on Mars

From pyramids, alleged city ruins, pyramid-shaped structures, to countless whistleblowers who have revealed fascinating details about Mars, and alleged ‘alien civilizations’ that once existed on the red planet, Mars has been the topic of debate for decades.
The planet Mars has given us lately much to talk about. Little by little, we have been filtered with information that contradicts everything we thought to be true about mars a couple of decades ago. And it doesn’t stop there.
Countless discoveries have been made on the surface of Mars that leave us asking more question about our neighboring planet.
Mars’ day lasts 24 hours with 37 minutes, and it has two satellites that some scientists claim are artificial in nature, parked ‘eons’ ago and used as space stations by an advanced alien civilization.
One of the main arguments that back up this ‘wild’ theory is that one of its satellites travels four times faster than Mars.

This is extremely strange because there is not a single natural satellite we know of that has a higher velocity than the planet it orbits.
Another factor that researchers have not been able to explain is why one of the red planet’s satellites slows down as it moves away from Mars.
Interestingly, according to Dr. S. Fred Singer, special advisor to former President of the United States Eisenhower, Phobos might be an artificial satellite launched into orbit around Mars a long time ago by a highly advanced Martian Civilization.
However, Singer wasn’t the first to suggest there was something odd about the Martian moons. The first similar claims were made by Soviet astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky who firmly believed intelligent design is present within Phobos.
Oh and… there’s that MASSIVE monolith on the surface of Phobos.

Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the surface of the moon, surprised many by saying, “We should visit the moon of Mars, there’s a monolith there, a very unusual structure on this little potato shaped object that revolves around Mars once every seven hours. When people find out about that they are going to say, “Who put that there? Who put that there?” Well, the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there.’
The enigmas surrounding Mars and its moons are many, but the strangest discoveries have been made on the surface of the planet.
Several images shared by NASA, taken on the surface of Mars, have managed to cause a great controversy because many researchers and Alien hunters claim to have found evidence of trees, water, pyramids, pipes, mysterious buildings and objects, countless anomalies that should not be there.

Of course, there’s that color issue on Mars where Alien hunters claim that NASA has altered the real color on Mars in order to hide its sky and Earth-like conditions.
Many people believe we have not been told everything about Mars, and that the truth is kept far from society.
Sir William Cooper and John Lear, have accused NASA of concealing information about Mars in a document signed in 1989 to President Bush.
Another prominent figure who has made astonishing statements is Gordon Novel, a former member of the defense ministry, who said that both NASA and the US government have been sending people to Mars for many years.
According to ‘internal’ leaks, NASA is using conical spaceships, which only take 33 hours to reach Mars and we have been harnessing free energy for more than 60 years.
Dr. O’Leary, who became respected physics professor at Princeton University after leaving NASA, said: “There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted. Civilizations have been monitoring us for a very long time and that their appearance is bizarre from any type of traditional materialistic Western point of view.”

Maybe one of those alien civilizations was the one that existed—or still exists—on Mars.
“…based on new data, evidence that during this period of Earth-like climate, biological evolution produced, at length, a humanoid civilization leaving ruins at several sites, Cydonia Mensa and Galaxias Chaos being two sites most intensively investigated. Data from these sites formed the basis for the Cydonian Hypothesis (Brandenburg, DiPietro, and Molenaar, 1991) of an ancient, indigenous, approximately Bronze Age civilization on Mars,” Dr. John Brandenburg.

“There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the Voyager cameras that went by in 1976. I will also tell you that there are machines on the surface of Mars, and there are machines under the surface of Mars that you, can look at, you can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and a lot of detail about them.” (Dolan, Richard. UFOs And The National Security State: New York: Richard Dolan Press)(source 2)

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