‘I consider them my family’: Woman describes being abducted at six by aliens who came ‘through the wall’ and ‘raped’ her

A WOMAN who claims she was abducted and raped by aliens as a child has revealed that she loved them like a family and even called one of them Mum.

Lisa described being abducted for the first time at the age of six and said the aliens came through the bedroom wall.

She claimed: “My first experience that I can remember was these beings coming through a wall in my room and they would take me.

“Somehow I ended up being able to go through the wall with them…

“They looked like static, like particles and would solidify as they came through the wall and become more solid.

“I would watch my body do the same thing and then I would move through the wall and then I’d be in a ship … physically on a solid cool surface.”

Speaking to Earth Mystery News, she said the “contact” gave her a feeling of “comfort” and added “It was a very nurturing experience.”

She described the aliens as humanoid, with two arms and two legs but no genitals.

She added:”The eyes were big and looked like oil. No Iris or anything like that. All deep and one colour. Fully black but with colour in them, like oil.

“They have tiny ears and the mouth is there but really tiny. There was more telepathy than speaking.”

But she claimed there were multiple abductions, with three different types of “beings”, including one form from an experimental programme she called “MyLab”.

But the first came from “what I would consider to be higher dimensional, more conscious in their heart, and I consider them to be family.

“The one being that came to me the most and my sister as well, I would call her Mum. “So when she would bring us back to the house, I would feel really sad for a while because I felt like she was leaving me here.”


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