Human Multidimensional Anatomy

There is considerable evidence to suggest that there exists a holographic energy template associated with a physical body. This etheric body is a body which looks quite similar to the physical body over which it is superimposed.

The etheric body also carries spatial information on how the developing fetus is to unfold in utero, and also the structural data for growth and repair of the adult organism. This energetic structure works together with cellular genetic mechanisms.

The physical body is connected to and dependent upon the etheric body for cellular guidance – the physical body cannot be maintained without it. If the etheric field becomes distorted, physical disease soon follows. Many illnesses have their origin in distortions of the supportive etheric field.

The etheric body is composed of matter, but it is of a different density and frequency than the matter composing the physical body. It is not completely separated from the physical system with which it interacts.

There are specific channels of energy exchange which allow the flow of Information to move from one system to another.

These channels have been discussed in Eastern literature.

The Acupuncture Meridian System

Ancient Chinese theory has it that the acupuncture points on the human body are points along an unseen meridian system that runs deeply through the tissues of the body. Through these meridians passes nutritive energy bearing coded information.

There were a series of studies on the anatomic nature of the meridian system in animals which were carried out in Korea during the 1960’s by a team of researchers headed by Professor Kim B.Han.

Kim’s histologic studies of the tubular meridian system showed that it appeared to be divided into a superficial system and a deep system.

The deep system was further subdivided into various subsystems.

  1. The first of these deep meridian systems was called the Internal Duct System. These tubules were found free-floating within the vascular and lymphatic vessels, penetrating the vessel walls at entry and exit points.

    Fluids within these internal ducts were usually found to travel in the same direction as the flow in the vessel they were discovered in. In certain circumstances ductal fluids were noted to flow in the opposite direction.

    The fact that these ducts penetrate and leave the vessel walls indicates that the formation of these ducts is different (and perhaps earlier in time) than the origin of the vascular and lymph systems. The meridians may act as spatial guides for the growth and development of the vascular and lymphatic systems.

    As vessels developed they would grow around the meridians.

  2. A second series of tubules was characterized and called the Intra-External Duct System. These ducts are found along the surface of internal organs and appear to form a network which is entirely independent of the vascular, lymphatic and nervous systems.

  3. A third series, known as the External Duct System, was found to run alongside the outer surface of the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels.

    These ducts are also found in layers of the skin and are known there as the Superficial Duct System. It is this latter superficial system which is most familiar to classical acupuncturists.

  4. The fourth series of tubules, known as the Neural Duct System, are distributed in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

All the ductules were eventually found to be interconnected (from superficial to deep systems) so that the continuity of the whole system was maintained.

The various duct systems are linked together via the connection of the terminal ductules of the different systems.

Kim found that the terminal ductules reach the tissue cell nuclei. Also, spaced at intervals along these meridians, Kim found special small corpuscles . Those corpuscles in the Superficial Duct System seem to lie beneath, and correspond with, the classical acupuncture points and meridians of the body.

Fluid extracted from these tubules revealed high concentrations of DNA, RNA, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, sixteen types of free nucleotides, adrenaline, corticosteroids, estrogen, and other hormonal substances in levels far different from those ordinarily found in the blood stream. It is apparent that there is an important relationship between the acupuncture meridian system and the endocrine regulation of the physical body.

It was apparent during experiments that when meridians get severed, serious vascular degeneration takes place. There was also a change in reflex time, which was prolonged more than 500 percent. Meridians provide a specialized nutritive flow to the organs of the body.

Kim found that meridian ducts, in some species, form within 15 hours of conception.

This would suggest that the functioning of the meridian systems exert an influence on the migration and spatial orientation of the internal organs. Because the meridians connect to each cell’s genetic control center, the meridians also play an important role in both replication and differentiation of all the cells in the body.

Dr Harold Burr carried out experiments mapping electrical fields around developing embryos. Through his research, he discovered that an electrical axis developed in the unfertilized egg which corresponded with the future orientation of the brain and central nervous system in the adult.

The creation of such an electrical axis forms a waveguide for a directional energy field that provides spatial orientation to the cells in the developing embryo. It was also discovered that the contour of the electrical field of embryos followed the shape of the adult.

It would appear from the research of these and other scientists that the meridian system forms an Interface between the etheric and the physical body. It is the first physical link between the two.

Electrographic researchers have found that changes in the acupuncture points may precede the changes of physical illness in the body by hours, days, and even weeks.

The Chakras and the Nadis

The Chakras are now finding their eventual validation with the evolution of subtle-energy technologies.

From a physiological standpoint, the Chakras appear to be involved with the flow of higher energies via specific subtle energetic channels into the cellular structure of the body. At one level, they seem to function as energy transformers, stepping down energy of one form and frequency to a lower level.

This energy, in turn, is translated into hormonal, physiological, and ultimately cellular changes within the body. There appear to be at least seven (7) major chakras associated with the physical body.

Anatomically, each major chakra is associated with a major nerve plexus and a major endocrine gland. See the diagram. There are also minor chakras Involved.

There are two on the palms of the hands, two on the soles of the feet, and one other one associated with parts of the medulla in the brain. Each of the seven major chakras is also associated with a particular type of psychic functioning. The ajna or brow chakra is associated with clear seeing, or clairvoyance. Subjectively, it is like a window opens up in the darkness ahead of you with your eyes closed. Inside the window it is bright and you can see things.

The primary chakras originate at the level of the etheric body. The chakras are, in turn, connected to each other and to portions of the physical-cellular structure via fine subtle channels known as Nadis.

The Nadis are different from the meridians, which actually have a physical counterpart in the meridian duct systems. The Nadis represent an extensive network of fluid-like energies which parallel the bodily nerves in their abundance. Various sources have described up to 72,000 nadis or etheric channels of energy in the subtle anatomy of the body. These channels are interwoven with the physical nervous system.

Dysfunction at the level of the Chakras and Nadis can be associated with pathological changes in the nervous system.

Research by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama in Japan has presented findings that confirm the presence of the chakra system in human beings. His work is covered in “Science and the Evolution of Consciousness: Chakras, Ki, and Psi”.

Motoyama found that certain individuals could consciously project energy through their chakras. When they did so, significant electrical field disturbances emanated from their activated chakras.

Itzhak Bentov, a researcher of physiological changes associated with meditation, has duplicated Motoyama’s findings regarding electrostatic energy emission from the chakras.

Another interesting study by Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA used more conventional measuring equipment in a study of the chakras and the human energy field. Hunt found regular, high frequency, sine-wave oscillations coming from these points that had never previously been recorded (1978).

The normal frequency of brain waves is between 0 and 100 cps (cycles per second), with most Information occurring between 0 and 30 cps.

In comparison, muscle frequency goes up to about 225 cps and the heart goes up to about 250 cps. The readings from the chakras was in a band between 100 and 1600 cps – far higher than what has been traditionally found radiating from the human body. Each color of the human aura is associated with a different wave pattern, and these wave patterns were recorded by Dr. Hunt at the chakra points.

When colors such as “white light” were seen in the auric field, the frequency signal measured was over 1000 cps.

Hunt has hypothesized that this high frequency level is actually a sub-harmonic of an original frequency signal which is in the range of many thousands of cycles per second: a sub-harmonic of the original subtle energy of the chakra.

The Human Frequency Spectrum

The Astral Body

The astral body is composed of astral matter, which is a subtle substance of even higher frequencies than etheric matter.

Knowledge about this part of subtle human anatomy has been taught since the earliest Egyptian dynasties. The astral body is another component of the total multidimensional body that is superimposed over the physical body.

Because astral matter exists in a frequency band that is well above etheric and physical matter, it coexists with and occupies the same space as the other two.

According to esoteric sources, the astral body, like the etheric body, also has seven major chakras.

Like the etheric chakras, they are transformers of energy. Since the astral body is involved with emotional expression, the astral chakras provide a subtle energy connection whereby a persons emotional state can disturb or enhance physical health.

Another name for the astral body has been the desire body or emotional body. Fear is one of the dominant astral energies.

The degree to which people are affected by these desires and fears governs the extent and nature of one’s personality expression upon this frequency. Host physicians consider human emotional expression to be a characteristic of neural activity of the limbic system within the brain. The limbic system is only a subsidiary system to higher energy systems which also have input into the system.

Unlike the etheric body, which supports and energizes the physical body, the astral body also functions as a vehicle of consciousness which can exist separately from, yet connected to, the physical body.

The mobile consciousness of the individual can interact with the environment via the astral body while the physical body is inactive.

Research efforts have established the presence of the astral projection of consciousness, as well as the ability of entitles to detect a projected consciousness. In fact, many of the underground installations have security systems which range into the astral in order to detect intrusion.

Some of the security systems on the Nevada Test Site and Dulce have this feature.

Experiments carried out at Stanford Research Institute by physicists Targ and Puthoff in 1974 indicate a doubling of sine wave frequency of a magnetometer during a projection of consciousness. The evidence from these and other experiments implies that the astral body can create electromagnetic disturbances of lower octave harmonic energies which can be measured by sensitive electronic equipment.

The astral domain has certain unique properties, one of which is the principle that astrally or emotionally charged thoughts have a life of their own.

They exist as distinct energy fields, or thought-forms with unique shapes, colors and characteristics.

Higher Bodies

The first of the subtle bodies which extend into the frequency range beyond that of the astral body is known as the mental body.

The mental body is the vehicle through which the self manifests and expresses the concrete intellect. The mental body also has its corresponding chakras which are ultimately linked to the physical form.

On the mental level, thought-forms may represent purely mental ideas that an individual is (or will be) working on. If the mental body is functioning properly, it allows the individual to think clearly and to focus mental energies in appropriate directions with force and clarity. Healing a person at the mental level is stronger and produces long lasting results than healing from either the astral or etheric levels.

Beyond the mental fields, there are what are known as the causal fields, or causal body. It is the causal body which is the closest thing to the individual Self.

The causal body is involved with the area of abstract ideas and concepts. Causal consciousness deals with the essence of a subject while the mental level studies the subject’s details. The lower mental body dwells upon mental images obtained from sensations, and analytically reasons about purely concrete objects.

The causal body deals with the essence of substance and true causes behind the Illusion of appearance. The causal density is a world of realities.

On this level, we no longer deal with emotions, ideas, or conceptions, but with the essence and underlying nature of the thing In question.

Frequency Models

Due to the perceptual limiting factors of the physical brain, the conscious mind is ordinarily locked into a fixed space/time reference, or time-track. This refers to the Earth time-frame of reference, and the locked vantage point.

Astral projection may be viewed as the transfer of consciousness from the neuronal connections and fixed time-frame of the physical brain into the astral vehicle of consciousness.

The autonomic nervous system allows the body to function normally while the individual entity is outside it.


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