Haultain Resident Believes He Sees Bright Lights That Defy Physics

Mike Allan’s thinking about the sky has changed forever when he saw something strange flying in the sky above the Camosun and Jubilee neighbourhoods.
Allan lives a few doors in from Richmond Road on Haultain Street with his family. He was sceptic about anything related to the unidentified flying object until he had an experience of witnessing some strange events about five years ago.
Since his first sighting, he has witnessed the unusual light moving around the sky in very strange ways, often hovering.
In this case, the light usually runs northwest to southeast, appearing to mimic the path of a satellite. Allan said that he observed two at satellite altitude sometimes but then they criss-cross, which satellites don’t do such thing.
Allan described the size of the light to be the same as a star but much brighter. Its movement is different from any plane, drone or satellite, according to Allan. The mysterious lights reportedly appear below cloud levels and as high as the satellites.
Allan said that his neighbours were totally sceptical when he told them, but not anymore after they saw it. He refers the bizarre light as the bright thing in the sky while his daughter calls it the UFO-thingy. Allan pointed out that everyone is sceptical until they see it. He urged everyone to keep looking at the sky because they are there.

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