Glowing UFO spotted soaring over Mexican volcano which erupted just days ago

FOOTAGE has emerged which purports to show a UFO flying over a volcano in Mexico.

In the bizarre video a glowing orb can be seen floating towards the active Colima volcano in the central American country.

The object flies at a low altitude past the active volcano before vanishing behind some rocks.

The video was shot on a webcam to monitor the activities around the volcano in the west of Mexico.

It was filmed on Sunday and has not yet been officially identified.

The footage was then posted to LiveLeak where internet users speculated on the origin of the UFO.

One user wrote: “Aliens. Definitely aliens. This is the only thing to explain Donald Trump and Theresa May.”

Another commented: “It’s swamp gas! It’s near a volcano!”

A third suggested: “Probably fireworks or home-made lanterns. They set those off if that area. They’re called Cantoya’s balloons!”

The footage has emerged just days after the volcano erupted.

The column of ash was more than four kilometres high, according to National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente Espinosa.

He tweeted:  “Explosion of VolcándeColima at 7:49 am, with a height of more than 4 km, northeast direction.”

Those living in the close to the volcano have been warned to take precautions, with ash fall likely.

Health officials have warned them to stay inside and avoid driving.

Colima is one of the most active volcanoes in the country and activity at the site has been growing stronger for several days.


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