Funny People Have Higher IQ – Science Reveals

Are you one of those people who can make others laugh easily?

If so, it’s very possible your sense of humor is a sign you’ve got higher IQ than most. This doesn’t mean that the rest of should go and behave like clowns, but scientists have discovered that funny people are more intelligent than the average person.

Genius Albert Einstein (1879-1955), who today is famous for his theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics was actually quite a joker. He had wonderful sense of humor and an IQ of 160. A ‘genius’ test score is generally considered to be anything over 140. Many of his sayings were quirky, fun, and at times encouraging and always thoughtful.

Several studies have showed there is a close relationship between humor and IQ.

Some years ago, researcher at the University of Mexico asked 400 university students (200 men and 200 women) to writes texts to cartoons.

Participants produced an average of 3.5 captions per cartoon. Funniness ratings were highly skewed, with most captions rated not funny at all, and even the funniest students producing only a few captions per cartoon that were even moderately funny.

The results showed that the funniest texts were written by students who also scored high on the IQ tests. Researchers could confirm that humor is a sign of underlying cognitive ability and fitness. General intelligence was a strong predictor of humor, independent of the other variables. The funny guys and girls, those with a great sense of humor, tended to have better cognitive ability and more smarts.

Other tests show that for example comedians have much higher IQ than most. Average IQ is somewhere between 90 to 110, but studies reveal male comedians have an average IQ of 138 and female comedians have an IQ of 126.

People with humor are also more creative. William E. Hauck and John W. Thomas of Bucknell University conducted a research to study three variables: Creativity, intelligence, and a sense of humor. They found that while creativity and intelligence were independent of each other, humor related to both creativity and intelligence.

So, if you have a child who loves to joke and make other children laugh, it’s a good sign he or she will become an intelligent person in the future.

Putting intelligence and IQ aside, let’s not forget that humor and laughter makes us all healthier and happier!

But keep also in mind that if you’re a serious person, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not intelligent. A good sense of humor is just one of many traits that signal above average intelligence.


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