French Expert Public Emerges to Confirm Secrets on UFO

A French aviation expert has come forward to reveal his participation in a secret meeting held at the United Nations New York headquarters that discussed the UFO phenomenon from February 12-14. Gilles Lorant is an attaché to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS– National Center for Scientific Research) which is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of France’s Ministry of Research.

He is also a member Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense (IHEDN – the French Organization that produced the 1999 COMETA Report). Both CNRS and IHEDN are prestigious scientific organizations in France, and Lorant was invited to attend the UN meetings in a professional capacity.

A report released by a French UFO organization (Federation of European Airplane ), of which Lorant is an executive member, contained a summary of the UN meeting where he describes what happened at the meeting.

Lorant revealed that a series of UN meetings were held over a three day period. In the meetings there was discussion of a confidential report, prepared by the U.S. Air Force and a branch of the National Guard, concerning the societal impact of UFO sightings. The initial meeting was held on February 12 and, according to Lorant’s report, led to a request by three U.S. Senators for further discussions. Additional meetings were held immediately after on February 13 and 14.

The implication is that three U.S. Senators attended the secret UN meetings. The meetings were very concerned about social upheaval from continued UFO sightings and the testimonies of individuals claiming to have first hand knowledge about UFO’s, extraterrestrial life, and future global events. It was reported that adverse public reactions to UFO sightings could have a dramatic economic impact that could lead to recessions in some countries.

The emphasis on possible societal upheaval due to growing UFO sightings was reminiscent of recommendations of the 1953 Robertson Panel, convened by the CIA, which identified adverse public reactions as a major security threat that could be exploited by foreign enemies. The UN discussions appeared to match concerns identified in both the 1953 Robertson Panel and the 1961 Brookings Report to the U.S. Congress, over ramifications of UFO reports and the eventual discovery of extraterrestrial life.

2009 was raised as the year when an important change in official attitudes concerning the UFO phenomenon could be made. This suggested that the official debunking policy underway since the 1953 Robertson Panelwould be abandoned and more serious study of the UFO phenomenon would occur. This indicated an important policy shift were the study of UFO’s would be officially encouraged.

However, certain global conditions would have to be met for the official opening. Most important appeared to be social stability in G-8 countries and the maintenance of liberal democratic systems in developing nations. Lorant also suggested that an official opening in attitudes would only occur if UFO sightings continued to occur at present levels.

Lorant’s testimony provides independent corroboration for an anonymous source who first came forward on February 12 to reveal to two New York researchers (Clay and Shawn Pickering) that the UN meeting had taken place. The source’s testimony was revealed in two articles published by this author on February 13 and 20 , and a follow up article by Robert Morningstar on Feb 25.

Lorant’s testimony gives more detailed information of what happened at the meeting, and is consistent with statements from the original source of the UN meeting concerning approximately 40 participants, multiple issues being discussed as well as the UFO phenomenon, and public reactions to increased UFO sightings. Most importantly, Lorant provides insight into reasons for a significant change in official public policy towards the UFO phenomenon.

The reported results of the UN meetings indicate agreement was reached for an international strategy to more seriously study the UFO phenomenon in a manner that maintains present levels of social stability. This raises the possibility that those presenting information on UFOs/extraterrestrial life deemed to threaten national stability or financial systems, would receive special attention by national security agencies.

The meetings results suggest that an official change in government policy from ‘debunking’ to ‘openness’ concerning UFO’s would lead to official approval to narrowly define study of the UFO phenomenon. However, those claiming to have first hand experience of extraterrestrial life would be targeted as charlatans. The UN meeting thereby suggested continuation of policies aimed at exploiting divisions in the UFO community between researchers advocating a strictly scientific study of the UFO phenomenon, and those wishing to discuss testimonies/documentation concerning extraterrestrial life visiting Earth.

An article exposing “Galactic COINTELPRO” is available here.

Lorant’s testimony finally suggests that governments are being driven to more open approach to the UFO phenomenon due to the recent increase sightings that are projected to continue well into 2009.

What follows is a summary report of the UN meetings based on Lorant’s testimony that appears in a newsletter of the FEA and is available in the original French.

Newsletter No. 4 of the F.E.A.

Posted by Jean-Jacques Yvars …

Dear Friends,

For strictly professional reasons and by coincidence, an active member of the FEA was invited to the UN in New York in the week starting February 11, 2008. This person took part in the development of discussions on the subject of UFOs, after the meeting of February 12. These discussions at the United Nations, brought forth further deliberations during three conferences held behind closed doors on 13 and 14 February, to which our member had the honor and pleasure to attend.

Here is a summary of the minutes that Mr. Gilles Lorant, invited to the meetings, kindly shared with us about what was said at the United Nations in New York:

On 12 February, the U.S. Air Force and the National Guard would actually presented a report on the subject of UFOs and the impact of sightings on many communities in the United States. Since this report was considered important for industrialized countries, representatives from several countries were invited to attend.

Then, at the request of three United States Senators, a series of three meetings took place in the [two] following days, in the presence of representatives of forty representatives from twenty-eight member countries, including the Vatican (two countries did not send representatives).

On both days, the subject of UFO’s was discussed, for no more than an hour and a half, as one of the causes of social upheaval of a country, due to the high probability of economic recession resulting from the speeches of ‘contactees’, charlatans, religious [figures], some scientists and prophecies.

Sightings of UFOs increase sharply the risk of social unrest threatening the political systems of several emerging democracies.

According to Mr. Gilles Lorant, what was discussed was an opening in official attitudes when publicly considering, in future, how to treat the UFO phenomenon.

An official opening to be held under two conditions:

  1. Until the end of 2009, that social peace in the G8 countries is guaranteed around the liberal democratic model (US version)
  2. By the end of 2009, that the UFO sightings disturbing “our neighbors” continues throughout the world.

Furthermore, also discussed was what position to adopt in case a non-aligned country decided to make public their findings on the [UFO] topic. The atmosphere was rather serious, according to Mr. Lorant, the participants were, in fact, cognizant of the “presence of our neighbors” in our environment.


The suggestion agreed upon at the United Nations by the representatives of the 28 nations, in the course of these exchanges, is of paramount importance for public recognition of the topic. The official treatment of information relating to UFOs could be a turning point at the international level, if the circumstances remain favorable. The coming years could show a surprising development of papers on the subject on the part of our governments.

[Note: Original French Version available online at F.E.A. website and has also been archived here]


[Update, March 02, 2008 – The above English translation was slightly modified to better clarify key passages after further consultation. The see the original English translation:]

from OpedNews Website
Cosmic Cointelpro

This whole article (above) smells like Cosmic Cointelpro to me. That’s not to say that I don’t think that it is impossible that there was a meeting, but not as depicted by Salla. To really get a handle on the UFO situation, you need to read the work of Laura Knight-Jadczyk. For example, her article on Cosmic COINTELPRO and her BBC radio interview as well as her review of Richard Dolan’s book “UFOs and the National Security State” entitled Something Wicked This Way Comes, have a mountain of empirical observations to back them up while this article by Michael Salla is just “feel good wishful thinking.”
Sorry, don’t buy it.

by Bonnee

on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 6:46:44 AM

There is no preparing the people

In his book “Aliens from Space” US Marine corps Major Donald Keyhoe relates a story of a conversation between high-level Air force personnel and key members of the CIA. One Air force officer suggests that it would be smart to begin to break the news to the people and prepare them for contact with the group that is flying the UFOs in our air space.

The CIA man then says,

“There is no preparing the people for contact with beings from some other world.”

The Air force man then asked,

“Why can the people not be told; what is so dreadful that this must be kept secret for as long as possible?”

The CIA man backs away and tells the group that that was only his own opinion. Major Keyhoe conjectures that the CIA man was telling it exactly as the people at the top of government view the presence of the Extraterrestrials in our world; “They just can’t tell the people because the ‘Truth’ is indeed, to awful.

This is all very basic once an individual understands that certain ‘Key’ elements are at work to deny the people the Truth.

If you can stand it, here it is.

We are the “Living Dead.”
This is why our nuclear war fighting elite must keep this all-secret because they know that when you figure it out, you aren’t going to be real pleased.

by Patrick

on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 6:05:31 PM


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