Father-Of-Two Gardener Stunned To See A UFO Above The Clouds

A UFO allegedly soaring high over a busy tram stop stunned a gardener. A father-of-two Peter Lee was out with his daughters on Sunday when they spotted the circular silver shape hovering in the sky in broad daylight.
The trio were waiting to catch a tram when the UFO suddenly appeared at around 2 p.m. The unidentified object reportedly drifted into sight and left them in awe.
Peter, 57, said that they were watching planes flying overhead as they waited for a tram. Then there was a sudden appearance of the UFO to their view. Peter stated that it was flying higher than some planes, and was moving thousands of feet, very slowly up in the air.
So bizarre for them, Peter made sure he took multiple photos.
Some people who read the news and saw some of Peter’s pictures think it is a helium balloon. However, Peter doesn’t agree because balloons don’t go that high. Peter explained that looking at the pictures would tell that the UFO was right above the clouds.
Peter said that he always brings the Canon camera with him as he loves to take pictures of everything. The father believes he snapped a UFO because it is something that is unidentified and they don’t know its identity.

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