Fall of Man. Ancient aliens

For 25 years with thousands of clients I’ve been a medical intuitive. What that means is that I can often see beyond the many presentations and illusions of life to what is really going on beyond the physical surface.

In my deep meditative states I began to see that although evil does exist that most people are caught in a trap of universal pain that makes us act out wrongly.

As I probed this anomaly I began to see where the crack was in the cosmic egg. It led me straight to the so-called “Fall of Man” – the true history behind the mythology of the ‘original sin’.

Wow. Where to begin! Like many people I thought the concept of original sin was a ridiculous ploy by church officials seizing a marketing opportunity. But the more involved in healing work

I got the more something deeper kept calling to me. What I uncovered was pretty shocking. Apparently, Bible scholars, archeologists, and historians recently began discovering a new history. In the last 50 years many ancient texts – The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Sumerian texts, The Book of Enoch and others were unearthed and academically studied. Throughout these ancient writings that went back some 12,000 years, humankind did indeed have a fall.

But it wasn’t so much of a fall as it was a push!

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