UFOs and The Ancient Site Of Nazca, Peru. Ancient aliens

by jupitar

With recent news of 30 year old UFO British Tapes being released the mind boggles as to what other information has been concealed about UFOs and evidence that Alien space travellers have indeed visited the Earth.

The search for UFO sightings and evidence continues and covers a very wide and broad canvas:

What if the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by Alien Spacecraft?

What if the Walls of Jericho were blasted down from UFOs?

Were The Great Pyramids were designed with the help of Extra-terrestrial-Engineers?

One of the UFO investigators favourite hunting-grounds for evidence of extra-terrestrial visits is the Ancient Site of Nazca, in Peru.

In particular, are the strange patterns of lines that cover an area of 200 square miles between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains. These lines were first discovered by Spanish Explorers in the 16th century.

The lines spread out in all directions, even carved into the rocky surfaces and depict all manner of geometric shapes.


The lines inter-mingle with huge drawings of animal figures such as spiders, snakes, monkeys, birds and even one of a man with a halo!

Ancient Site of Nazca, Peru

Some of these figures are over 900 feet long whilst others are an impressive 100 feet long.

Serious investigations into these strange lines began 50 years ago when ironically airmen used them for navigation purposes. Archaeologists studied to Peru to study the lines and to find out more about the ancient civilization of the Nazca Indians who had made the carvings over 2000 years ago.

The experts were left unsure as to whether they had been carved by an earlier race, believing that they could be as much as 8,000 years old. According to UFO specialists, they believed that the lines formed a form of navigation beacon that enabled Alien Spacecraft land in Peru where they visited the Nazca Indians imparting with much valuable information to the natives.

Other theories include that the lines were designed as a astronomical calendar to help predict the annual positions of the sun. moon, planets and stars. An intriguing aspect, however, is how the intricate patterns when surveyed in the first place was how the ancient designers were able to retain a fantastic degree of accuracy over such great distances.

The lines can only really be seen in their true perspective from the air, a well known and substantial fact for the UFO theory.

Ancient Site of Nazca, Peru

It has also been suggested from Scientists that the ancient Indians may have built and flown primitive hot-air balloons, after they investigated some odd pits that lay close to the end of the strange lines.

And further evidence was found by scientists investigating the old Nazcan Tombs were they found scraps of linen and discovered that the Indians weave was much tighter than that of the materials used to make the envelopes of 18th century hot-air balloons.

The scientists went one step further and designed a balloon using similar materials to what the ancients would of used and found success. It was launched from one of the burn-pits carrying two passengers, Jim Woodman and Julian Knott, both experienced balloonists, named it Condor 1 for which it flew at over 1,000 feet and for up to 2 miles before coming to land.

Despite what the scientists achieved, no one had been able to successfully conclude on who or what the lines were designed for. Were the ancient Peruvians the first men to fly on the planet with the aid of extraterrestrial advice?

The answer is out there…

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