Contacts with Nordic Aliens. Archive. 30 stories

Argentina, 12 August 1968
In his house on the outskirts of Mercedes, the woman heard a strange buzzing sound and her dogs began barking. Looking out the window she saw a brightly lit object that stood in front of her house. Out of it flew a small glowing orbs and hung on the tops of the trees. Suddenly one of the balls flew to the house, and the other came down to earth and from it came a figure very reminiscent of a man dressed in shiny silver clothes. After a while they flew, but the landing traces.

In 1983, at around 10 PM
A small group of workers were returning to their village near the nature reserve Hwange, Zimbabwe. They walked along a wide road and suddenly in the sky, noticed a bright, shining object. They stopped to watch. This object began to descend and landed on the side of the road. Workers hid behind the trees. Now they can see that the object was disk shaped and was silver in color. He was standing on four pillars. Bottom opened bow and descended the stairs.
Two men with white lighting skin and shiny clothes. They did not touch the ground, and glided, as if between the sole and the ground was a cushion of air. Workers with fright ran into the forest. As I raised the object they saw.

In the morning, 1983 in Port Campbell, Australia
Kate V. has decided to go on one of the wild beaches through the rock. When she climbed up, I saw the beach and a grayish UFO standing there. It was oval with a white rim around the perimeter. The dome was gray-blue metallic color. Below this object was opened the trapdoor-stairs. On the sand near the stairs stood a man dressed in a blue suit. He was blond and looked straight at her. He turned and climbed the stairs, and then smiled at her again before entering the ship. She hurried down the cliff to the beach, but the UFO’s have been spotted up and disappeared over the mountains. On the sand she found the prints from the landing of the ship.

Near Brasilia, August 1968
Night, group of people, under the leadership of General Alfredo M. I., settled on the plantation of Wilson de Silva, near the capital. On the plantation was seen and photographed several UFOs. After five months of observation and , as predicted by de Silva, who was in telepathic communication with aliens, brightly lit disc came down at the appointed place for his possession. The aircraft hovered over 4 feet from the ground. Observers had to photograph him.
When de Silva went to their group towards the object, he saw it opened the doorway and released the man. He was wearing a blue jumpsuit with a wide belt. He was invited to go inside the object. On returning back, de Silva said that nothing could remember, except for one message:
“We’re a friendly civilization, we should not be afraid. But we are concerned about your nuclear experiments, they cause the imbalance in the world.”

In the Hague, Netherlands in the spring of 1984
L. Smiths was in my bedroom when I woke up from the bright light suddenly illuminating the room.
He noticed two light figures standing near a window. They were about 2 meters in height, with very pale skin, luminous blue eyes and light shoulder length hair. The aliens wore shiny costumes. On the chest they had signs that resemble the rounded top of the triangle. The beings communicated telepathically. They told about the disasters that will happen in the future with humanity. They explained that people are their direct descendants.Before leaving, they promised to return.

In July 1987, late in the night in the city Lages, Brazil
Local resident Jessica saw outside the window the flashing lights. Suddenly it spoke with a loud, metallic voice, she was filled with fear. She ran to the kitchen, opened the window and began to call for help. In the yard of her house she saw a silver disc-shaped ship.
She ran to her room where she faced a tall man with blond hair and perfect facial features. He friendly asked her not to be afraid and be calm. It was wearing a fitted grey suit with a metal oblikom, covering almost all his body. The stranger said that she was on their ship earlier, but she erased the memory. He telepathically showed Jessica the moments.
It was a huge cigar-shaped mother ship, which was many people like him. There she took several physical exams and inspections. Was taken her blood, tissue, hair. Inside the ship there was so much space that it seemed a small planet.Even the aliens told her that humanity has extraterrestrial origin.

Tecolotlan, Mexico
C: — My uncle, who lives in the small town of Tecolotlan, Mexico told me the history of encounters with unusual creatures. This story really interested me, and I treated it seriously.
In this part of Mexico most of the residents do not have Internet and television, so that his story could not affect the fantastic movies and information online.
He told me that it happened in 1997. He went to his house when he saw a red light. He thought, “What’s that police car?”. He was very surprised to see that it was a ship, discoid shape, hovering above the ground. The ship exuded a reddish-orange light. My uncle was in shock and did not even think to escape.
Aircraft flew to the mountains in the heart of the city and landed. From it emerged a creature, and went into the side of houses. The witnesses were many, about ten. According to them, the aliens were very tall, over 2 meters tall and blonde. Resembled people. Dressed in a silver slinky clothing.
They walked through the village without any fear to a certain house. There lived a woman. They came to the door and knocked. She said that they will not open as she is afraid and asked me to leave. They stood and left, promising to come back again. The next day she reported to the police, where he told the story. The police believed her and gave the camera in case they come back again. The camera was mounted on the roof of her house.
Several days later the aliens came back again, but they seemed to know about the camera. The camera fell from the roof and crashed before the aircraft landed again. According to uncle, the woman still talked to them.

September 1, 1984, Takamatsu, Japan
Young girl Nao with your friends rode bikes around rice fields. Suddenly they saw a large round luminous object in the sky over a field of rice. She stopped at the fence and stared at the object, call friends, she even did not occur. A brilliant oval-shaped object approached, and she was able to consider the lights moving along the perimeter of the base. It was a very beautiful sight.
In form it was like a big, tapered bell. When he was floating over a field of rice plants swayed as if in the wind. The dome had four portholes. Case color gradually changed from orange to white light. Suddenly on the bottom of the Windows appeared the face of a child, a boy. He looked and smiled at her his white teeth. The girl was amazed.
Hair boy was white, and his face was round and white. He had big blue eyes, small nose and ears. Nao said that he had not seen the lower part of the figure, but it seemed his shirt was gray and a little shiny.
Further, the object swept over the roof of the house and disappeared. Her friends also saw above the house flew a UFO.

In Necochea, Argentina, 4 February 1988
Amelia, witnessed a UFO. She woke in the night from anxiety. Outside the window she saw two tall figures that look like people with pale hair and dressed in silver jumpsuits. They went in her yard, as if something was looking for. After a while they left.
The next morning Amelia was surprised to see a circular trace from a UFO on the territory of its neighbor. Eyewitnesses to a UFO that night became a few more people. Amelia described the creatures as similar to cheloveka straight blond hair, about 2 feet tall. She also said that the night of the arrow the clock stopped at 2:15. Amelia also reported on the oddities that have happened to her before. She vaguely remembers how he visited aboard an alien spaceship how to communicate with his pilots. Amelia says that the communication was telepathic and she gave a lot of information…

The city of Cañuelas, 8 August 1968
Miguel B. was sleeping in his house when he suddenly woke up surrounded by bright lights coming from outside. Out on the street, he was very surprised to see a huge disk-shaped object standing in the neighboring field. This object had a dome on top, exuding a reddish light.
He looked at it, not believing his eyes. Suddenly at the bottom of the ship opened the hatch and descended the ladder. Soon there came a very tall man, probably more than 2 feet tall. It was a shiny, metallic suit colors, tight to the body. At that time, from the object came a loud buzzing sound. A huge man walked toward the witness, who froze in terror. The stranger stopped, then turned back and entered the facility. The ship rose straight up at high speed disappeared from sight.

June 1986, France
Somewhere in 23 hours and two men walking with a dog near a local river channel Marne. On the shore suddenly noticed a very tall man, more than 2.5 meters tall. The dog began to bark and push ahead. The creature looked like a human, he had long blond hair and bright, shape, white boots and a wide belt. It stood near the river is quiet, like a statue. Seeing people, he quickly moved to the right. It seemed that his sole of the boot does not touch the ground while hovering at 10cm above it. Very quickly, the stranger disappeared from sight.

In 1981, in the city of Caleta Olivia, Argentina
Later that evening, Louis N. together with his friends on the beach watched from the sea came a large and dark object. The unit was dark and round. He landed before witnesses on the beach. Suddenly the men heard a distinct voice inviting them inside.
After they went in, they saw a large circular room, brightly lit from all sides, but the light source was not visible.
There were several tall humanoids, very tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, dressed in tight white suits. Among them were both men and women. Some of them sat in front of large screens on the walls. In these screens, the stars were visible, and the other as the ship moves from Earth to the moon.
They are for a very short time flew to the moon and was able to see her dark side. The aliens communicated telepathically. They told people that now fly in the direction of the Sun. Eyewitnesses claim that when they flew to the sun, through the screen, it seemed almost black.
When they returned back to Earth, Louis began to walk freely around the room, and approached one of the control panels, his hand reached out to him. He was immediately noticed and asked to sit down. They returned to Earth, to the beach in Caleta Olivia. Witnesses claim that they were implanted in the brain some device for tracking and communication with aliens. The implant is located behind the right ear.

7 Jun 1974 lake George
In the evening, two elderly farmer witnessed an unidentified flying object. In the evening sky they noticed a particularly bright star, which began to grow and soon it was clear that a small space ship. It had the form of an egg and gave off a white glow. From the apparatus, moved props, he landed.
From it came three men, about three feet tall. They wore glowing silver suits that conceal the whole body up to neck. Their faces did not seem to Express any emotions. Farmers tried to get out of that place.

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais on August 28 1963
Three boys stood in the backyard of his home in St. Famila Belo Horizonte, when they noticed a large luminous sphere that descends toward them. One of the passengers in the field was a tall, slender man, about 2 meters tall, dressed in a fitted grey suit, like scuba divers. On his head was a helmet…

Alexania, Brasilia 27 Dec 1967
Willie Placido, a resident of Brazil, was one of five witnesses to UFOs and aliens. According to his description, they looked like people: white-haired, with porcelain-white skin, wearing a fitted sparkly costumes. They made the removal of soil and some plants…

Sao Paulo, 25 August 1968
Maria Jose Sintra, a worker at the hospital Serafim Ferreira, on the way home, saw a UFO over the field oval-shaped, hovering a meter off the ground. He was stunned by what he saw. From the UFO came a beautiful woman with fair skin, she wore a silver jumpsuit, with holes at the cuffs and at the neck.

Santa Maria, state of Rio Grande do Sul 16 March 1954
Ruben Heling : I saw over the field flying object shaped like an inverted plate. She landed, and from there came two men, slim, 1.80 m in height with fair hair in a grey surrounding the costumes. He also saw that accompanied by one of the blondes went two dark-skinned woman with long dark hair, and dark slanted eyes. They were dressed in tight-fitting suits without seams.

Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, November 10, 1954
A local resident allegedly saw two strange creatures emerging from the disc-shaped device is about 5 meters in diameter. They were like people, with long blond hair and was wearing a slinky silver jumpsuits.

The state of Rio Grande do Sul, December 9, 1954
The farmer saw three humanoids tall. He describes them as “broad-shouldered, with pale white faces and slanting eyes, blonde,” they stood about two aircraft, shrouded in light. He immediately realized that it was the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The Mojave Desert, California
Witness the evening was riding my bike past the Mojave desert. He heard a noise and someone shouting, “flying saucer!”. Lifting to look at it, he noticed the flying object at the bottom of the hill, about 100 yards from him. The object had rounded edges and four legs. Downstairs was an open hatch, which was serving as a ladder. The lower part of the object was illuminated with light beige, and the inside of the object came a yellowish light.

The witness noticed three figures nearby. It was the three men look 20 years old with blond hair. They were dressed in gray, silver costumes. One of them seemed to notice him. After a few minutes the men went back inside the object, the door rose, and he began easily and without any noise to go up. He climbed 40 feet and stopped. Glow the bottom was replaced by a blue-red shimmer. The object instantly jumped sideways and disappeared.

Bauru, são Paulo, July 23, 1947
Brazilian topographer josé Higgins has witnessed a huge drive of about 45 meters in width, whitish-grey, with four metal supports. Three beings, a growth of about 2.2 meters in height, emerged from the aircraft. They wore silver suits the surrounding. They had large eyes, high forehead, light hair.

San Sebastian, on the southern coast of Brazil 15 June, 1957
Professor Joao Freitas de Guimaraes, attorney and Professor saw two tall men (about 2 feet tall). With blond shoulder length hair, white complexion and blue eyes that expressed wisdom and understanding. They were tight-fitting suits, with cutouts at the neck, wrists and ankles. Professor guimarães also saw the aircraft standing nearby.

Fazenda Bela Aliança, Pirassununga, February 6, 1969
Jose Antonio F. saw a strange aircraft in one of the pastures on his ranch. About lethal object went three tall humanoid, wearing a shiny tight-fitting suits. They as it seemed to him to repair the machine. He noticed that they wore a wide belt with several buttons in the middle.

In 1980 in the suburbs of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Local resident Nancy Alvarado was driving home late in the evening when he heard a voice in my head “don’t worry! Stop the car.”. She stopped on the roadside. From the field to did not come two figures. One of them was wearing white, the other in dark green body suit. Both looked like people. Nancy felt calm, fear not.
The man in the white suit approached the car and looked at her with his big bright eyes. Walked over and the man in green. They seemed to be floating above the ground, and set foot on it. After looking at her and beating the car they have moved further in the direction of a nearby wooded area.
Machine Nancy again and she quickly went home and told everything to his father. Together they returned to that place and with a lantern searched the men but found no one.

Toronto, on, Canada, 4 may 1932
Night 150 miles from the town the farmer saw a UFO bright oval-shaped cloud descended to the ground, he could well see, the edges were notched out of the bottom escaped from the bright light.
This light has already appeared on Earth figure. It was a young man with blond hair and a gray jumpsuit. He had glowing blue eyes, the growth of which is 2 meters.
He smiled at the man, and said to his future destiny, where he will work and live. All of his prophecies have been fulfilled.

Finland, 5 may 1972
Aarno Heinonen was at home when he heard a strange noise, and then a female voice that told him to go alone to a certain deserted place. He did so, and met there a “woman stranger” about 8 feet tall, with blond hair, she was wearing a light suit, who seemed to be all glowing, and the same silver color of the shoes.In the sky far hung a glowing ball.
She greeted him. And between them they held a small conversation. She said that all the people of Earth have a different origin that we came from the other side “the milky way” . She also told him that she was 180 years old, looked very young.

A year Aarno again heard a female voice directing him. In the same place, he had a 5 minute conversation with the same woman that was found on 5 may. He noticed that her teeth were twice as wide than a normal person. Her nose was sharp, she had big blue eyes. As before, she wore a silvery suit. When he left, he saw coming down a huge ship, somewhere in 300футах from the earth, silver, no lights or Windows, about 20 feet in diameter.

1951 Halidon S. A.
The woman walked around his ranch with a dog and inspected the cattle. Suddenly she noticed on the field, an unusual object on 4 legs. Near the device was three figures. That look like normal people. They had a glowing white person with blue eyes. They were dressed in tight silver suit with a hood, and silver boots. She approached them and asked what they were doing here. The aliens said that they had a forced landing and offered to go inside the object. The woman willingly and with curiosity went to the ship.
Between them was a telepathic conversation in which they announced that their mission to protect mankind from global catastrophes, invasions of other intelligent civilizations, but not to interfere in its development.
After their ship departed, on the field left visible traces of his landing.

14 Jan 1969, Childers
The couple woke up to frantic barking of their dogs, and heard a strange sound, as from a swarm of wasps.
They went outside and saw 30 meters away from his house an object similar to a sombrero, throwing out a bright glow. From this unit came the three men, which were far above the average person. Their costumes came purple-yellow glow. They gathered some plants and sugar cane which are then sucked into the ship through the transparent tube. After 10 minutes, the aliens went in your spaceship, which took off and disappeared on the horizon.

One day in June 1923, in the area of mount Erie, Illinois
15-year-old Norman Massey came to pick up the horse from the pasture. When he led their horses through the gate, I noticed a strange object on a nearby field with lights around its perimeter. He was somewhere in the 500 metres. Under the transparent dome of the object I noticed a few people. He described them as blond and tall. One of the men sat on the couch, and the other approached him. According to the witness the object was metal, standing on four pillars. It had a dome on top with holes. The dome was transparent. Then the object rose up and hovered, rose to support him, then he shot to the side at high speed and disappeared.

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