Contact with Nordic aliens in Kansas

In a November incident, a large truck traveling on I-70 in Kansas was hit by a beam of light and Donna who was behind it had her first abduction. [AAER Note: Other people have reported being nearly hit by a large truck just seconds before the start of a highway abduction, which has caused then to wonder if the image of a truck was a screen memory for a UFO.]

At 2:00 a.m. one night, alien appeared in the hallway of Donna’s home. Once they were in the UFO, she was instructed to stand under a light that caused her to feel electrified. In still another abduction, a device that alien called a “Monotron” was implanted at the base of her brain. Donna’s case is very extensive and she too received the Earth devastation messages as well as many other predictions.

When Donna went public her life became a living hell. One group branded her a satanic disciple and harassed her. Had these fanatics known the truth about the “Blonde Aliens ” they would not have become so overwrought. Then the day came when the alien appeared as a sparkling white figure in a uniform right in her front room. He looked solid enough but she and the others present could see though him before he faded away.

In the next abduction she was taken to the bord of a spaceship. With the “blond alien” in the lead a number of things happened.

She was given another light treatment, drank a hauntingly beautiful blue liquid, and received an implant through her ear. Later Donna was privileged to see many things and learn much. Her predictions as told to her by her benefactors are many.

“We can look at the Bible with the understanding of advanced intelligence. It has been termed a coded message unable to be understood until the last days. These are most assuredly the last days.”

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