Condom Snorting Vs. Alleged E.T. Skeleton: The Weird News Top 10 (VOTE)

This week had one of the most intense news cycles in recent memory, between the Boston Marathon bombings, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion and news of ricin-filled letters being sent to politicians.
But while attention was justifiably focused on these serious stories, the world of weird news was just as strange as ever.
For instance, just when you think teenagers have gotten so bizarre that can’t come up with anything new to shock their parents, a new fad emerges called «condom snorting,» where teens nasally ingest prophalactics and pull them out of their mouth.
HuffPost Weird News not only sniffed out this gross and potentally dangerous trend, we created a gallery featuring various people snorting rubbers.
Another potential trend involved doing bizarre things to a different bodily organ: eyeball shaving.
For the past seven years, Liu Deyan, 53, of Chengdu, China, has run an eyeball shaving stand where he deftly cleans his customers’ peepers with an exacto knife. Apparently, it used to be more common, but has fallen out of favor because it’s seen as potentially dangerous.
You think?
Meanwhile, the oldest living person in the world, Jiroeman Kimura, celebrated his 116th birthday in Japan. Kimura, a former postman who became a farmer when he was 65, credits his health to eating rice, pumpkins and sweet potatoes three times daily.
Surprisingly, he did not mention condom snorting or eyeball shaving as part of his long-life regimen.
It’s very unlikely that Monica Dixon will live to the ripe old age of 116, but she had at least 116 seconds of fame this past week after being arrested for apparently stripping down to her underwear during a news conference being held on the State House steps in Columbia, S.C.
Another wacky crime involved a police officer in DeKalb, Ga., who allegedly pulled a gun on a customer in the drive-thru line of a local McDonald’s — because the guy was taking too long with his order.
Video surveillance cameras also played a part in one of the most colorful thefts we’ve seen in memory.
Police at the University of North Carolina are trying to find a pair of thieves who stole a $1,000 sculpture while dressed as a lobster and a banana.
We are holding out hopes that, if caught, the alleged thieves will wear their costumes in their mug shots.
A 64-year-old Florida woman also got in trouble with the law when she dialed 911 on multiple occasions in March because she was «lonely.»
Elvis impersonator Kevin Michael Curtis did the «Jailhouse Rock» after being accused of sending ricin-laced letters to Barack Obama and Republican Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi.
He wasn’t the first «Elvis Tribute Artist» to be arrested — or even the first to threaten people with ricin — as a HuffPost Weird News gallery of fake Elvises who’ve ran afoul of the law amply demonstrated.
Elvises who commit crimes may be nothing but hound dogs, but that may preferable to the animal that a man in Belfast, Ireland, discovered while preparing a sea bass he had purchased from the grocery store.
In the fish’s mouth was a large parasite known as the tongue-eating louse that enters a fish through its gills and attaches itself to the creature’s tongue.
It’s not supposed to harm humans — just their appetites.
Another strange creature that attracted attention this week was something called the Atacama Humanoid, a 6-inch-tall artifact that some people think could be a space alien.
The strange creature was discovered 10 years ago, but new photos went viral over the last week, and an upcoming UFO documentary, «Sirius,» produced by Dr. Steven Greer, a former emergency room doctor, promises even more information about it.
What was the weirdest story of the week? Check out the gallery and vote below.


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