Close Encounter in the “Devil’s Canyon” of Hunter, New York

It was just prior to deer season, my hunting buddies went to town to hang out in Hunter, New York, and let me out at my request at a point between Blackhead and Roundtop mountains so I could hunt bobcat.

Where they let me out I marked the side of the road with a pile of stones and proceeded into the woods heading into an area called Devil’s Canyon.

I only went approximately 100 yards toward the canyon when I came to a clearing.

When I was at the edge of the clearing I saw a large object in the center. I asked myself why would anybody put a building in an isolated place like this?

I crouched down at the edge of the clearing and checked out this (building). Upon further examination I evaulated what I saw.

What I saw was a landed flying saucer, the bottom of which was mostly flat, only curving up toward the outer edges. It was about 8 feet over the ground, I could only observe 2 landing legs, the third one had to be on the other side.

I then saw 2 very tall what appeared to be almost stick figures who were communicating with each other. I could not hear what they were saying nor did I see any facial details. They were at the far end of the craft.

This craft had a band of dull lights about 12″ high and each color segment was about 24″ wide. The colors blended into each other; violet, orange, blue, green and all colors that may come out of a prism.

There was a low but audible hum coming from the ship.

The top half of the craft had a small dome about 2′ high X 3′ wide. What struck me as odd was that it was not centered on top, but toward one end.

The entire craft was about 12′ top to bottom. I spent about 15 to 20 minutes taking all this in.

I then heard a click, and saw what was a walkway coming out of the center of the ship. It stopped and a third figure came down to the ground and walked over to the other 2 figures.

The 3 communicated and the one that come down pointed right at me where I was hiding at the edge of the clearing.

One stood there, one went left, and one went right. They were in the process of surrounding me.

I decided it was time to go.

I had an 8mm Mauser with me, put it on 1/2 safe and backed up the way I came in. I hid in the culvert in the side of the road.

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