Book Review: Echoes Of The Ancient Skies: The Astronomy Of Lost Civilizations By E. C. Krupp

– Anyone who is interested in the fascinating subject of archaeoastronomy should definitely read the book Echoes of the Ancient Skies by E.C. Krupp.

This remarkable book, written by one of the greatest experts on archaeoastronomy is packed with valuable information. We learn not only about the connection between ancient structures and astronomical alignments, but also how much astronomy’s influenced our ancestors’ traditions, customs and beliefs.

The author takes us on a fascinating journey to several ancient observatories in Egypt, China, Babylon, as well as North and South America. There are a number of reasons why ancient civilizations went through a lot trouble to build astronomical observatories. The importance of Lunar and Sun observatories is explained in detail.

Echoes of the Ancient Skies contains several very interesting chapters dealing with ancient sky symbolism, sky gods, divine planets and sacred stars. What can the ancient pantheon tell us about certain astronomical objects? Why are certain sky gods more important than others? Why did our ancestors worship celestial objects? These are just a few of the questions raised by the author.

In the chapter “The Dead We Bury”, the author explains what death meant to our ancestors and what they judged was the role of the dead.

These beliefs are reflected in ancient burial customs that we in modern times find somewhat peculiar, but as E..C. Krupp so wisely points out, ancient civilizations saw clear parallel between our lives and the cosmic creation. Each person’s life echoes the cycle of cosmic order we see played out in the sky. Once we understand the concept of these ancient astronomical beliefs, the funerary customs make perfect sense.

E.C. Krupps’s book Echoes of the Ancient Skies is very well-researched and answers many vital questions about the connection between prehistoric monuments and astronomical alignments as well as ancient astronomical knowledge. After reading this book one can look at the night sky with the eyes of our ancestors. can easily give Echoes of the Ancient Skies five stars and we highly recommend it to all students of astronomy, ancient history and mythology. This book is simply a winner!

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