Former American History Professor Believes Human-Alien Hybrids Will Soon Take Over Earth

Retired professor David Jacobs believes alien abduction on humans have been happening to create alien-human hybrids who are walking all over Earth today and will take over Earth soon.
Jacobs knows that every time he talks about it, he is being ridiculed by a lot of ordinary people and skeptics, but he long stopped caring about what people think of him. Now 71, Jacobs has made investigations on extraterrestrial abductions as his mission.
Jacobs, who currently working on his 5th book, was a professor for 36 years, teaching American history at Temple University before retiring in 2011. His first 4 books were printed by leading and academic publishers as he ensures to apply a scholarly approach to his research.
Jacobs has talked with around 150 people who claim they were victims of alien abductions. In his own estimates, based on public polls, space aliens kidnapped over a million Americans.
While he admits that the evidence on extraterrestrial body-snatching and extraterrestrial life itself is weak, he insists evidence exists. He cites the following evidence: