An Advanced Alien Case Study

The Mind of a Repeat-Offender
He’s an old alien who oversees IFSP (Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets) aliens and often comments on their intervention here. Like the rest of his crew, he’s cautious about giving out his name. His comments, although usually framed obliquely, always support the intervention, and he tends to coldly rationalize its worst abuses. It’s a coldness based upon a larger map of history and daily reports about alien affairs, a coldness also fixed by distance, given the millions of light years to his home galaxy.

He isn’t a so-called “Verdant,” the aliens described by Phillip Krapf in books about an alien alignment visiting here. Instead, he’s from a group of aliens that both he and other aliens say long pre-dates the Verdants.

He acknowledges advances in human consciousness due to interaction with extraterrestrials, but he’s quick to try to credit that to the IFSP (and more advanced) intervention. Such subjects come up in conversations that can include dozens of different aliens, myself, and a variety of humans. The other humans in this tend to be cautious and subdued, albeit with an awareness that’s broadly expanded due to our quickly evolving interactions.

The human model for interaction now (in 2007) includes regular hints about community consciousness and hyper-spatial subtleties (scaling your energy levels way down at least five orders of finer depth/dimension to allow for quiet, studious remove from alien attempts at manipulation and to allow for comparative and phenomenal perspective during interactions). Other humans in the interaction tend to be cautious due to the controversies that our discourse touches upon.

The old alien’s tone of address is usually stiff but conversational. Part of this is due to a multiplicity of distinctions between his population and the various populations of the IFSP that he works with. Advanced science frames his thinking, along with administrative duties of his group’s agenda. So, he’s slightly more reserved than other aliens—this is necessary to accommodate the interactions of a variety of mostly younger aliens, but he’s quick to insert his comments and perspectives when he feels a need to.

Like other aliens, he knows when larger perspective or the greater, collective wisdom of open-ended consciousness exceeds his intellectual faculties, but he sometimes tries to reduce even those divergent perspectives to the terms of the IFSP agenda, here. And like other aliens, he defers to larger considerations, at least in form, as a matter of course, even if he disagrees. When he disagrees, he waits until the subject of discussion has changed to another topic. He often tries to tangentially manipulate a context to change topic. In that respect, he isn’t nearly as subtle as other advanced aliens.

He tends to hold his head as would an older person, cocked slightly back as though weighing the thoughts of younger aliens (and humans), but he seems to fix the direction in which he faces in order to listen for salient details. He’s quick to seize upon thought thresholds that provide opportunity for him to reinforce the ideas and assumptions behind the intervention project here, a kind of managerial identity salience that he’s quick to jump into.

When remotely interacting with humans, he doesn’t let his gaze leap around the room to look at every other alien in his vicinity. Instead, he seems to pride himself on his (psychotronically assisted) ability to hear their thoughts without having to look their way.

His accent in thought-speech is fairly eclectic, although his English (to the extent that it can be reduced to the merely verbal) is closer to an American version, no doubt because of the “joint interaction,” the way that six or seven supposedly diverse and contrary alien approaches to the US black budget regime are framed to seem as though independent when they actually aren’t (they’re pre-planned IFSP projects). He appears to minimize his physical gestures, like Verdants do. Both populations seem to feel that the appearance of subtlety makes younger IFSP populations feel acknowledged and included.

However, like Verdants, when he moves his body he can move very quickly. That same quickness in aliens tends to surprise humans.

When he appears to be in the company of younger, technologically less-capable aliens, he seems to position himself in order to denote the greater extent and longer duration (both as individuals and a society) of his population. If he senses a need to do so, he can instantly retreat to a multi-horizoned kind of energies shell, which is both a warning and a preventative/detecting precaution. Younger-lived populations evidence both a curiosity and an admiration for such technology.

The difference between his capabilities and theirs clearly looms as an advantage, although he’s careful not to make it seem too deliberate or conspicuous. In other words, his presence in the room opens a marginally excited curiosity among the younger aliens, which they try not to be too obvious about. He uses that distinction to his advantage.

In various aliens’ comments on the subject, the older alien has been described as part of a project targeting “three elliptical” galaxies in our larger vicinity. More specifically, he has been said to be from the large elliptical galaxy Centaurus A (click image right), which is some 13-14 million light years from the Milky Way. He verbalizes often yet appears to be trying to pre-empt other aliens who might remark here.

He and his group clearly want to control the agenda here, knowing that there are competitors for influence over humankind. His population has been described as having pre-dated our own by billions of years, and aliens of his group have been described as capable of living millions of years, individually.

He’s apparently over 5 feet tall and has a slim but wiry body frame that’s typical of both the Verdants and some of their affiliated alien populations. He’s both taller and more sturdy than a gray. He doesn’t have the gray aliens’ large, wrap-around eyes, judging by a graphic representation that competing aliens made vivid for us, at one point.

Instead, he has the same kind of eyes (smaller than grays but slightly almond shaped) and body frame that Verdants have, reportedly as a result of his population’s contribution to Verdant development at some point in the past. Competing aliens informed us of his population’s genetic inputs to the Verdants and also provided the graphic. In other words, his population both preceded and may, in part, now control some of the Verdant and gray agenda.

He routinely gives orders to, and often calls upon, Verdants, hybrids and other aliens of the so-called IFSP, the abducting alignment of which the grays are but a small, subordinate part. The fact that he gives orders so freely is important because it shows that the IFSP agenda here isn’t a loosely coordinated, unstructured engagement. Instead, it appears to be a hierarchically structured project run by a materially motivated group of aliens who have planted offshoot prototype aliens on planets near our solar system (without thinking to ask us, in advance, about doing so).

The old alien could be mistaken for a military figure, yet he says he’s simply part of a “security” structure. He’s coldly distant to the point of rationalizing the IFSP’s abduction and breeding program, which involves the kidnapping and forced breeding of thousands (or more) humans.

When competing aliens point out that the IFSP’s breeding program “direct operatives” have been inserted into some ranking positions on this planet and then used to orchestrate various crimes against humanity (Fritz Thyssen, the prime early financer of Hitler is but one person cited by competing aliens as being “direct operative” of the IFSP), the old alien rationalizes the action as necessary to manipulate humankind toward his alignment’s desired objective.

What objective? That has been the subject of much discussion.

Thyssen is but one case mentioned. Other reported direct operatives are noted in previous chapters, and their crimes cover a broad spectrum of active, ongoing dangers to humankind. The old alien says that it’s all done to assure that humankind can be changed to a non-offensive, non-sexual form and to assure that weapons won’t be carried into space by upstart human regimes. In other words, the IFSP’s breeding program isintended to almost entirely replace humankind with an IFSP kind of prototype.

What kind of prototype? Recently, the old alien may have let slip just what his group plans for us.

Over the years of interactions that he has tried to dominate, he has proven essentially incapable of thinking in ways that are other than prototypical. He may have shown us a prototype of how (he hopes) humans will be re-designed, then replaced by the IFSP. The prototype is a human-hybridized-with-grays version, much like the reported Roswell prototypes that Phillip Corso and others described seeing, first-hand. It may initially (for some thousands of years) be a hybrid human/alien form that looks much like the Roswell aliens.

Here’s what the old alien showed us:

In October of 2007, while criticizing me for my critiques of the IFSP, he showed how I would look if I was part of that same spectrum of hybridized aliens. There it was: a Roswell-like hybrid with blue human eyes, an angry look on its face (I have red hair and blue eyes) in order to show me as a troublemaker, or a disagreeable alien. In other words, emotion was portrayed as vulnerability (the old alien tries to say only certain kinds of emotion).

It was a strange to see myself as a hybrid prototype, which is typical of the given alien. He clearly has command over many of the ~prototypical lesser aliens of the IFSP, hence a patronizing gesture of the sort was but a reflexive remark also intended for the on-board alien crowd where he was, at the time. Rather than react or respond with anger, I simply studied the situation. I’ve found that if you react with anger, they tend to quickly turn the focus of the interaction (uninvited in this case) to something humanly dangerous, i.e. some other crisis or flashpoint on this planet. It’s better to scale your energy way down (several order of magnitude lower in energy intensity) and essentially make yourself transparent so that you can better assess the aliens’ behaviors.

Given the old alien’s military/security inflexibility, he sometimes lapses into a dogmatic, and cold, sometimes marginally cruel mindset. He rationalizes it all in terms of the distant Centaurus A regime, plus a presumption of superiority—a disdain for younger competitor populations. From the perspective of his population’s energy and resource objectives, all human concerns are ancillary, of less importance. His attitude can fluctuate from disdain, to contempt and (extreme) prejudice, at times. His attitude is always dry and distant.

He tries to amend the human perception that he’s coldly ineffectual and prone to rationalize crimes against humanity (if not the death of the original gray planet) as necessary evils needed to achieve his group’s agenda. Suffice it to say, it can be distressing to be subject to interactions with the old alien. To even hear rationalization for numerous crimes against humanity (some ongoing) pains me, both because of how the victims (and their families) suffered and because of the need for other humans to be aware of this.


* A limited human cohort has witnessed his communications, at intervals.

He suggests that humans will inevitably be engineered to be different than we are, hence he says the project can be done most quickly and efficiently via the IFSP intervention.

The statement is loaded with assumptions on his part. First off, his group explicitly mentions and rationalizes a bizarrely oversized Verdant population (reportedly 500 trillion sexuals who’ve taken 246,000 planets for themselves, to date) as part of his group’s basic strategy. Verdants are reportedly sexual aliens with physical anatomy (genitalia) and desires not too much different than those of a human. In other words, the whole intervention—abductions, forced breeding and planned replacement of humankind, the death of the grays’ and other planets—is supposedly done to assure the objective of non-sexual, inoffensive populations where encountered.

Meanwhile, Verdants exist in drastic disproportion to the manipulated, lesser aliens of their alignment. Verdants reportedly live a pampered, sexual life, changing sexual partners every 4-6 decades or so. In short, it may be safe to say that the IFSP was forcibly compiled in part to serve the needs of an expanding sexual population (the Verdants), which would mean that the old alien’s argument is both biased and incomplete.

Worst of all, competing aliens who have commented on the subject note that the entire IFSP scheme fits into the older “three ellipticals” alien’s (group) scheme of gaining direct control of the energy and resources of all that the IFSP can dominate. The old alien’s blunt, insensitive outlook may be due to the fact that his own population, although older than Verdants (who reportedly reached our technological level 229 million years ago), was originally like the Verdants – an aggressive, self-rationalizing population that threw caution aside and overpopulated in order to gain resources and domain long ago. In other words, some of the same, primitive impulses that caused the old alien’s predecessors to exceed ecological proportions still live on in the old alien and his larger group.

We see evidence for this in his/their behavior.

In their conversation (sometimes merely broadsides) with humans, the old alien, and what appear to be IFSP subordinates who defer to his presence tend to be distant, cautious about how much they say. They coolly patronize humans. At times, they’re quick to make you sense some feeling either from them, or their technology. They sometimes do it too deliberately, as though trying to make humans think they’re not so bad because they either have, or are aware of, feelings of the sort.

Their conversational style is framed in terms of a larger social identity. In other words, it’s not an individual expression of how “I” feel. It isn’t an elaboration about how one is or thinks, versus the typical person in their pack. Instead, they assume that the group is either listening in some form, or can monitor the interaction. Indeed, some of the patronizing, sometimes impolite tone is due to their assumption that you aren’t very evolved if you’re still wrapped up in your individual experience, and not sharing.

I’ve conversed much, too much, with the old alien, who is about two categories beyond the grays (his population is billions of years older, as a civilization). It isn’t casual, unstrained communication but is due to his attempts to intervenemanipulate and control. I’ve had to probe, test and research his origins. I’ve had to make space for others to comment on his behavior and his background.

One problem with the old alien and his peers (at least their old soldiers, so to speak – security types who tend to, and apparently even partly designed, the grays who we see today) is that they’re frustrated because I disagree with their actions here (manipulation of human conflicts, infiltration of human society by breeding program operatives in order to steer humans toward IFSP objectives), and I’m an active, published critic of their intervention.

Part of my concern is that they come not from this galaxy, not even this galaxy group, but from a galaxy group that is further away from us than are the four nearest galaxy groups. In other words, there are about 120 or more galaxies of varying sizes that are closer to us than is the home galaxy of the grays’ alignment.

The old alien is often overbearing – as though entirely convinced that he/they know it all, and we know next to nothing. If I cite the fact that the gray planet was killed during the IFSP intervention there, he says – but look at how the grays are now (nonsexual, non-offensive). Again, judging from the old alien’s statements and those of competing aliens plus the behavior of IFSP aliens, the old alien’s group may have played a decisive role in designing the current grays.

When I criticize the IFSP intervention, I hear critiques from the old alien like,

“So what is your plan for humankind?”

In other words, how do I (believe it or not) plan for us to improve genetically and scale down the crudeness of human sexuality?

It’s a non-starter, of course. I’m not a geneticist and I don’t plan a massive intervention by materially motivated aliens (although I do see how the human future must be). Again, the irony about nonsexual grays is that Phillip Krapf reports they’re led by a huge sexual population who told Krapf they’re called “the Verdants.”

In a sense, the very name sounds propagandistic. Verdant means green.

In other words, Verdants tout their status, for one reason or another, based upon the claim that their planet is green (implicitly not a lifeless ruin like the old gray planet or other planets admittedly killed by IFSP intervention).

Stranger still, a man named Marshall Vian Summers wrote a book (The Allies of Humanity) transcribing his conversations with yet another group of aliens.

The aliens reportedly told Summers that the gray-alignment is engaged in a (prohibited) traffic and sale of biological materials. In other words, after previously manipulating a breeding program/infiltration of the old gray planet, the “Verdants” have the lack of good taste to portray themselves as a native biome success story, while the grays and some others are total failures (yet, lacking their old home planet, now serve the Verdant alignment obediently).

I find that coldly insensitive. In my conversations I don’t let the subject rest. Imagine it: a third category of advanced aliens who accompany both the grays and the Verdants yet are older, predating them both. The old alien security figure who I’ve heard from for years sometimes boasts about how grays (and apparently some Verdants, also) were more or less designed by his peers. When such statements are made, they are partly informed by the active, adept inputs of other, apparently monitoring aliens who clearly rival the old alien.

It’s a strange situation: I’m a human cautious about the dangers of IFSP aliens who try to manipulate human conflicts toward a certain end (they literally admit this!) – I argue with them about damages done to humankind while the old alien goes on about how his group has a better prototype in mind for this planet.

In other words, he can’t think about us or the other lesser aliens of his alignment as much more than prototypes. We’re just another biological project for him. So, although I cite unnecessary human casualties, he’s unmoved and immune to feelings for innocents killed in the process. He only sees a prototypical objective. Ironically, he, himself, may be the result of genetic engineering intended to reduce or eliminate what were once considered emotional vulnerabilities. That may have been a mistake, given the crimes now coldly rationalized by his kind.

After many years of such crimes, they seem incapable of comprehending the damage done. Instead, they tend to regard humans as lower order beings. All of it—the crimes, Verdant greed, and their own biased self-interest—is rationalized in terms of a final solution. Although they make token remarks about how some humans seem to understand the equalitarian social identity of a larger universe, the old alien’s attitude is worsened by the assumption that our failure may be their gain. It is predatory.

Behavioral psychology shows that behavior premised on boosting one population’s genetic spread into another population tends to lapse into primitive impulses and self-centered, singular assumptions.

Suffice it to say, when the old alien dunders in and patronizes us in prototypical terms then tries to monopolize all communication and steer it all towards his alignment’s agenda, some competing aliens (presumably unaffiliated) tend to wait until the air clears. Ironically, some aliens as aged or pre-existing as the old alien find it trouble-free to criticize or correct him when he looks bad. That’s what’s interesting about his case.

There are others who are far more evolved (I don’t mean this in a prototypical sense, mind you) than either the grays or the “Verdants.”


* Again, I don’t like that name because it seems to hang the death of target planets around their victims’ necks – as though they could never equal the simple, trademark boast of certain Verdants: a surviving, biologically diverse planet.

Ironically, it appears that some Verdants and certainly the old alien don’t want some populations to live on surviving, original planets. Believe it or not, they prefer to see some planets ruined because refugees are more vulnerable, more easily led and dependent.

A stable, surviving home planet is a base, a refuge – a place that natives can retreat to and preserve their own, independent identity. That could be a problem for the Verdant alignment. Some Verdants (and certainly the old alien) appear to want ecologically challenged, sometimes desperate servants for their empire. They want to absorb aliens who have no alternatives, aliens who will do what they are told – without causing trouble.

The old alien has threatened me and other people with sown conflict, abduction, and has unconcernedly threatened people of prominent note with death (he tries to make it seem as though some ambiguous human makes the remarks, but after years of doing so he can be seen through easily). This has caused cautious concern among such humans, who sense a larger danger.

In one incident of threats and coercions, the “three ellipticals” alien in question mechanically ordered his subordinate(s) around, then they made statements of the sort as instructed, essentially a kind of good cop, bad cop routine. It was too easily, directly manipulated by the old alien in charge, and it showed that due to my unusual subject-development (exopolitical dynamics, plus critiques resonated upon by sympathetic aliens), a callous, long-term offender has been drawn in to monitor me. I suspect that the old alien, himself, may have had a possible role, on-scene, in the demise of the original gray planet. It’s a tricky subject to explore when (subdued) tempers flare and the issue of how humans will judge it all is on the line.


* No non-human/hybrid alien in my experience has yet allowed anger free, visible reign in his or her behavior.

Worse yet, the old alien openly, acknowledgingly, tried to silence discussion of the Thyssen case and he routinely hacks at others (humans, other aliens, and subordinates) as if he thinks they’re mostly petty lessers. Meanwhile, he glancingly criticizes those of us with no mass criminal implication (an insecure kind of overcompensation). He tries to suggest his group’s rationale, in defense, but does so murkily at such times.

The most disturbing aspect is how, on impulse (in order to abort possibly contrary discussion) he presumes to psychically land upon, threaten, and hack at high profile, noted humans. He seems to want to draw them in by doing so, while other aliens (beyond him) want him to look a certain way in doing so. About eight years ago, he was caught up in ambiguous statements about being like a military s.o.b. in getting even for any trouble given to him. In other words, either he or someone else on-the scene wanted us to know he has a memory to return to such subjects in order to do so.

He bosses other aliens around, tends to say “we” when redressing humans—as though humans don’t qualify in such terms, and then he arrogates a regime attitude toward us, as a globe.

During the late 2007 incident noted two paragraphs above, he and possibly interposing, contrary others (who could provide a foil for his venting) ran ramshackle across a number of hideously wronged people (the holocaust, AIDS as planted in Africa—along with a directly racist allusion, and more). It was like hell, for me. Rather than behave in similarly prejudicial manner, I simply pointed out the statements and the context to other humans – more a study than counter remonstrance.

His behavior so neatly fits the profile of the large trading collective offered by Marshall Summers’ Allies of Humanity sources that it was astonishing, a textbook case of a ruthless, expansionist agenda.

I try to keep the entire situation open, and I encourage others to study the whole human common more openly also. We find that the old alien berates and belittles entire nations at times. Other aliens try to further elucidate his behaviors, slightly extending them at intervals in order to make him look a certain way (such is life in an intelligent universe).

In moments of frustration, he has threatened me directly by stating that his/the IFSP operatives can be ordered around variously. Some of his threats seem obsessive, i.e. trying to harshly center on me (another alien compared it to a person standing in center of the round gallery of tiered prison cells in the Marion IL federal penitentiary, forced to listen to menacing harangue by ~aliens). Not pleasant, of course, but a good person sees beyond such.

My exposes are unusual, some never-before heard or seen, as far as I know. That owes to sympathetic alien help in developing a human exopolitical awareness, plus interspecies interactions in which a sometimes contentious and bitter dynamic comes into play.

For example, my report about Thyssen could cause tensions among Jewish populations referred to the IFSP intervention and a widely-reported “Semitic” enclave in the Altair star system, yet the report is honest, as stated. I waited months before discussing it further in print.

The old alien tried to avert my report about Thyssen. He tried to say that from 1924 (Hitler’s failed beer hall putsch in Munich) until 1939 (Hitler’s invasion of Poland) Europe was due for trouble, anyway. He said that the IFSP’s manipulation of Thyssen hurt Jews in part because they were materialistic/elitist traders for advantage. However, he later tried to show how his alignment now has direct advantage over certain elite Jewish figures (Rothschild included) such that they can be manipulated to aid in wracking humankind while playing on elite Israeli sympathy.


* The IFSP plan appears to be to keep Israel a bloody, unresolved mess in order to set the stage for IFSP entrance.

Equally harrowing are the times when the old alien gets frustrated by my expose (he describes it as naïve), which causes him to state that he and his cohort can directly manipulate elite actors in the US and elsewhere(i.e. via the Rothschild-Rockefeller-controlled Federal Reserve Bank) to block or sabotage human attempts at expose and independent global order. It’s a recurring theme.

The old alien is both aware of, and suggests that he and his cohort can manipulate, the ugliest human subcultures (i.e. child-kidnapping/child-killing pedophile networks in elite economies – crimes seen as both covering for, and offsetting IFSP abductions, IFSP sabotage of human order, and IFSP control of malign human operatives). He’s careful to not seem too direct in doing so.

The old alien often plays to the human crowd, sometimes in equalitarian terms, yet other aliens made him acknowledge direct IFSP operatives’ role in targeting Africa with a sown AIDS epidemic.

The old alien says there should be no sympathy for JFK’s murder (due to direct operatives’ prime decision to do the hit) because, after all, JFK was just another rich manipulator and he wasn’t even a direct operative with a clear end goal in sight.

Steven Greer’s book Hidden Truth argues that JFK was hit in part to thwart his move toward minimal disclosure about aliens back in 1963-4.


* There have been guarded remarks by the old alien’s peers about how “we’re sorry” about some crimes against humanity, along with mention that humans weren’t expected to know this much at this time.

The old alien(s) says that Australian journalist Roland Perry’s thesis – about how Victor Rothschild was both a leading British financier and a leading Soviet spy – is basically correct. Perry’s book on the subject, The Fifth Man, is detailed and compelling.

Apparently, the old alien wants us to think that Rothschilds didn’t merely favor greed and wealth. Instead, he wants us to think that IFSP-operative Rothschilds worked on challenges to such greed. Rothschild may have attempted to manipulate human conflicts toward IFSP advantage (i.e. a flimsy hope that humans will continue to honor the mere paper claims of IFSP operatives).

And when critiques arise over a direct operative Rothschild/Rockefeller role in cults and sexual abuse of mind control operatives, the old alien and his cohort sometimes makes claims about Jesus — again, playing to the crowd.

The behavior of the old alien show how a mind that has participated in manipulated mass offenses no longer has the sensitivities needed to assure good relations and a real end to conflict. He rationalizes all in terms of his group’s objective.

When the old alien displays trappings of his command over the second “three ellipticals” alien (a hybrid) and other IFSP aliens, he seems to gloat. It isn’t a human kind of gloating, but a dispassionate, hardened-to-routine kind of pride. It coldly rationalizes the fact that he’s tasked to a planet-killing, sexuals’ empire. He rarely uses alternative-cycle technology as a non-lethal weapon (here, i.e. on me) when his command and integrity is challenged, but he’s quick to try to thwart communications and discussion that faults him. All of this is characteristic of a military-like structure (i.e. inflexibility that can lead to the failure of analytical and personnel dynamics).

There’s a more disturbing aspect of his behavior—an alien behavior like that in the famous Milgram experiments (emotional cruelty, ability to inflict fatal harm): the ability to coldly escalate dangerous and destructive doings in a stimulus-response way. It’s less marked and more subdued than a human version, of course. Perhaps, as noted in previous pages, it’s better referenced as an alien sort of Munchausen’s syndrome.

Trapped within an operational scheme that he, himself, admits is premised on maximum, opportunistic corruption (here – as if we can’t see that it’s that way elsewhere, also), he seems unable to admit that it is both failing and unecological. He only sees the goal: takeover, control, and a manipulated conflicts/pacification scheme (while others of his kind leak weak, deeply stifled hints that the IFSP’s direct operatives could be rolled up, yet imply that to do so is intended to bring us into the IFSP orbit).

Some of his associates try to cover their rears by saying there’s a deeper layer that foresees IFSP failure here followed by human awareness of Verdant-like extremes of corruption, but this is also cold and potentially Munchausen-like. Worse yet, the same inflict-harm-then-pretend-to-save-victims pattern may correspond to the given regime’s planet-kill scenarios, i.e. the one now being prepared here by their direct operatives.

Once, after I’d elicited a statement that the old alien’s associates (perhaps the old alien, also) had actually witnessed the gray planet-kill while tasked there, the old alien appeared to gloat in some subtle way, as though he enjoyed the sense of power and control he had over those who’d heard the remark. It was a deeply disturbing moment.


* Other old order aliens may have set up and colored the situation for humans to witness. They certainly pointed out the old alien, at the time.

We see that individuals in the “three ellipticals” section lack some human sensitivities, which should, perhaps, be expected of aliens working on so crude an assignment. They tend to dismiss atrocious crimes of their nearly human operatives as though it isn’t so real to them, as though humans are merely low-order animals. So, like “direct operative” Rothschilds/Biderman-Du Pont/Rockefeller/and Bush Sr., they all seem distorted – sometimes mousy and unformed as individuals. They all lean into the cold structure that sustains them. Of course, they might say that detachment is a necessary evil.

From the old alien’s perspective, however, all of the subordinate aliens and human operatives are easy to manipulate.

The old alien tends to react with subdued scorn and detachment when bothersome details and reminders of the regime’s dysfunction reach a certain threshold. At such times, we see reactive, potentially dangerous responses, much like the overindulged, racist contempt of human imperialists (frustrated, dysfunctional angst and thoughts of violence when reminders of others intrude). In the “three ellipticals” case it centers on a different set of circumstances and is much more subdued but is essentially the same: aberrant, reactive, corrupt, and potentially destructive.

Psychological susceptibilities of the sort may be common among offending regimes. Due to deficiencies in various sections of the “three ellipticals”/IFSP regime, there’s a lean – a falling into group agenda that can, at times, only cohere within presumption and extreme detachment. We see cold, killer manipulations followed by extreme detachment.

Some of the weirdest moments for me are when, for the human community, I point out sheltered IFSP hybrids tasked to coordinate the ugliest, most deadly IFSP manipulations of humankind. At such times, I inflate the perspective to allow other humans to see them clearly and check on their doings, and although the hybrids are obvious and unmistakable to humans, the hybrids just sit there, aware that they’re being monitored, yet unconcerned because they think they have it over us and we can’t access them physically. There’s a coldly antisocial kind of glare, a detachment in them that they seem to immerse in—as though it’s supposed to scare us off. They lean into the three ellipticals routine as though we could never get anywhere near them.

Meanwhile, the “three ellipticals”/IFSP regime’s advanced technology provides its aliens with pleasant psychotronic conditioning to abate, if not obliterate, internal reminders of mass harm done to a target population (which is seen as genetically, technologically, and socially lesser). As a result, within the regime there’s an idealistic remove from conditions that exist outside of the regime, a lack of critical thinking.

This is enforced by psychotronic controls and fear among the regime’s dependents, who sometimes actually see or hear about the harm done to target populations like humankind. Given the removal of troublemaker or emotional genes within the regime, the end result can be a dangerously handicapped group climate. The larger the arrangement grows, the less the internal critique and the more easily its members can rationalize wrongdoing for the regime’s agenda.

In the Verdant case, “Gina” told Krapf that 9-11 violence had caused the IFSP to think humans unfit for diplomatic relations with the IFSP.

That’s most ironic because in late 2004 competing hyperversal alien sources explicitly alleged, and partly demonstrated, that to some extent the 9-11 attacks were remotely steered, promoted and guided toward completion by IFSP manipulators – we even viewed the two, onboard IFSP individuals (either late-stage hybrids or nearly “human”) tasked to make sure Bin Laden and Zawahiri followed through (this ability to view themwas helped and steered by critical hyperversal aliens).

The two IFSP individuals were sitting at an alien panel of some sort, doing their work.

Ironically, when notified that they were being pointed out by other aliens helping humans see it all, they barely budged, as though they felt entirely secure in their environment. One was thin with an angular face, dark skin and hair like that of a Mediterranean human, while the other was slightly more stout and more direct-seeming (also dark haired and dark eyed). To the extent that I could do so, I noted that their skin and health appeared better than most humans, and their attitude was relatively airy—as though not vulnerable to the typical perils of life on this planet.

After years of experience with aliens, one notes such characteristics quickly.


* The report about an IFSP role in effectively steering such deadly events created a major stir, here, to say the least, and was followed by our repeated checks, counterchecks and testing, which basically supported the hyperversals’ report. In other words, Verdant Gina’s behavior was a prime example of how offenders of the sort can spin on their heels with infantile, regime assumptions, and say, as Gina did, that she thinks humans will “blow up” Earth. Of course, Gina, may not have known about the actions of higher ranking IFSP aliens.

The psychological distortions, the violence and marginally primitive behaviors that we see among “three elliptical” and IFSP aliens are part of a long history of disproportionate rake of resources, epic extremes of travel, indulgence (however “equalitarian” among the Verdant elite) and cold, killer detachment. Some of it is best studied as a kind of animal behavior.

We’ve seen how aberrant, offending character can be spooled out into a nominally social context, hence regarded as correct and transparent even though it tends to collapse into the singular dimensions of personality disorder. We see communitarian psychologies that deny individuality yet are fraught with specious, individual distortions.

In the above case, the offenders spew poison into another people’s planet (i.e. HIV-via the direct operatives—again, as helpful hyperversal sources specifically state was done by the IFSP’s operatives.


* See also: similar allegations in Cathy O’Brien’s books re a Bush/Cheney conversation about the project at Bohemian Grove; Dr. Michael Wolf’s allegations about HIV on Richard Boylan’s site; and Harvard medical professor Len Horowitz’s book, Emerging Viruses).

The old alien listens to human arguments about crimes committed by his alignment yet he remains resolute. Despite coming from a distant location, his group sees an opportunity here. They appear to have personal genetic motives, or at least their own genetic inputs in mind, when viewing our population. At times, their bias is obvious. By framing nearly all that they do here in terms of changing the human genetic makeup, they easily rationalize the IFSP’s crimes against humanity.

The old alien acts as an overseer, a role that he wants us to think is only indirect and advisory—while the evidence appears to suggest otherwise.

It’s easy for him to patronize a younger population like our own. We still suffer the cumulative handicaps of an isolated, classist history. We’re relatively new to larger interactions.

However, there’s one obvious yet easily overlooked aspect of the old alien’s population that we shouldn’t forget. His society originated billions of years ago.

For various reasons, they decided to embark on a breeding and resource campaign to outnumber other, competing aliens. We can expect to see other cases of the sort but in the old alien’s case, a long history of corruptions, conflicts, political contortions and arrogations (not the whole story, of course) have made his population almost compulsive about wanting to control others before others become a challenge to them.

There’s a faint margin of ecological logic in that (if balanced by competing populations who provide a check on such offenders), yet such assumptions can breed extremes of arrogance, i.e. the 500 trillion Verdant sexuals still trying to take more planets for themselves.
When populations like humankind become aware of alien norms and interactions, there are pressures to compete and to study older aliens to see what, if anything, is wrong with them.

A population like that of the old alien comes with so much contradictory baggage, so many fixed assumptions, that we have to ask:

Although they’re highly if not totally reliant on technology, are they in some ways slightly primitive when compared to more sympathetic, more modestly proportioned aliens?

In other words, do we strive to simply emulate some ancient alien past, or do we learn from them in order to create a better, more equal future?

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