America’s Healthiest States Determined – Check Your State

Scientists have put together a report revealing America’s healthiest states. We are in for some surprises here. Check you state and find out just how healthy it is.

The data was collected by health insurance company United Health’s foundation.

The report, released on Tuesday is based on sources such as sources government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  shows people in the South tend to be less healthy while those in New England are doing just fine.

America’s Healthiest States Determined – Check Your State

As the report reveals, the healthiest state to live in is Alaska. California did worst. A factor that can affect health is education. People with more education are generally healthier and have better access to health care. Needless to say that being healthy is also linked with higher incomes and therefore less problems.

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More About Health

Education data was based who has a high school diploma and who does not. In California there was a 37 percentage point difference existed in the proportion of healthy people in the two education-based groups. However, in Alaska, there was only an 8 percentage point difference—which represents a huge improvement for the state. Last year, there was nearly a 25 percentage point difference.

California has also bad air quality and this naturally affects a person’s health. Air pollution damages heart, lungs and can make asthma worse. According to the report can be linked to about 200,000 premature deaths each year. Wyoming has the clearest skies.

If you want to check your state’s health the report is available online here.

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