Man Confronted With Occupants In Craft 1985

A gentleman called to relate an experience he and his family had back in 1985. They had just returned home from having been out. They all got out of the truck when suddenly a ‘mini-submarine’ came from nowhere, hovering approximately the height of a grain elevator.

The object was approximately 100 feet long and was greyish black in colour. The gentleman’s wife, son and daughters froze in their places as they watched the craft.

The gentleman grabbed his rifle. Using the rifle scope he observed eight or nine windows with beings moving around inside the object. The object then took off to the hill and then turned back around, coming straight towards him. A bright light was noticeable on the front of the object. It made no sound.

The craft hovered right in front of him. Beings inside the window were observing him very intently. The gentleman said he felt a vibration throughout his whole body, like he was pulsating.

The beings had big dark eyes, he remembers.

Then as quick as you can count one, two, three, the object took off so fast, that he could hear it moving through the air.

Meanwhile, his family were still looking in the original direction of where the object had first been seen. Then they seem to come around, as if they had been in a trance. They were blank. They went into the house as if nothing had ever happened. They had no recollection of the object.

However, four years later the son asked about the red light.

Another family elsewhere near the area had also seen the same strange light that evening.

Thank you to the witness.

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