Aliens Apparently Crash Meteorites into a Bosnian Man’s House

There are millions of meteorites entering the Earth’s atmosphere every day and most of them burn out prior reaching the ground. A few percentage manage to hit the ground, but very little chance to get into someone’s living room. The reason it is very strange or close to impossible that multiple meteorites struck the same area in a short period. However, a man living in a village in northern Bosnia claim that six meteorites crash through his roof in less than a year.
Radivoje Lajic was in his home in the Bosnian village of Gornji sleeping when a loud noise awakened him during one evening in November 2007. The first that came to his mind were memories of the recent war that brought so much chaos in their country. However, the rest of the night stayed silent and later, Lajic found the culprit. It was a space rock that caused a hole in his roof. Lajic has been aware that things like this do happen. He did not expect it would be the first of six crashes into his household.
Four more meteorites hit his property over the next several months, prompting Lajic to reinforce his roof with steel girders. These series of incidents came to a stop in April 2008, only to be back again in the summer of 2010 when another meteorite hit his Gornji home. Since then, Radivoje Lajic has been suspecting of an extraterrestrial attack that intentionally targeted him.
There have been suggestions that the nearby Bosnian Pyramids could provide an explanation to Lajic’s case. The pyramids are believed to exert geomagnetic or gravitational disturbance, which could probably disrupt the natural trajectory of meteorites and somehow attract them to the area, not necessarily crashing on the pyramids, but landing nearby.
Bosnian Pyramids are located in the city of Visoko, less than 30 miles in a straight line from Gornji. They are a group of controversial structures. Many believe that these pyramids are artificial in nature and might be the oldest pyramids ever discovered.
According to archaeologists, the Bosnian Pyramids could be at least 24,800 years old, much older than the Egyptian ones. An unknown ancient civilization might have built them using advanced technology to erect a 722 foot-tall edifice.

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