‘King of the Red Planet’ spotted on Mars and he looks just like the John Lewis Moon man

A NASA image has emerged appearing to show an old man on the surface of Mars — who looks just like the character from last year’s John Lewis Christmas ad.

Stunned ufologist Scott C Waring, a veteran alien hunter, has deemed he was King of the Red Planet, saying: «He must have had significant power in this culture».

He posted the amazing images taken from NASA’s Curiosity Rover on his popular website ufosightinings.com.

The face of an old man appears to emerge from the dusty planet’s surface as the rover’s camera is trained on a distant hillside.

«The Curiosity Rover was looking around and taking photos with the micro camera, which is suppose [sic] to see small object, but instead the camera was focused on a distant hillside», Waring wrote.

«It was pointed directly at the face of an old man».

Describing the discovery, Waring continued: «He has a beard and a moustache, sideburns and a helmet on.»

e deemed the figure must have held a kingly status on the planet before his demise.

«For the detail to be this good and for it to be that big, he must have had significant power in this culture», Waring said.


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