Woman Claims She Felt Chills Up Her Spine After Seeing A UFO

A woman felt chills up to her spine after observing an unidentified flying object.
Suzanne Riley claimed that she saw a black craft hovering over trees while driving on her way home from work on Saturday.
On Facebook, Suzanne posted that she thought a Decepticon from the movie Transformer was going to land on her car.
Suzanne said that the sighting above A691 left her scared and confused.
She said that she was shocked while staring at the object and thought what the hell was that object. She further stated that the cars around her were stopping and she almost hit a man in front of the red car who had jumped out with his phone. She couldn’t stop thinking about what happened.
She also claimed that a military aircraft arrived moments after the sighting happened.
Suzanne described the object as a triangular angled appearance and had no visible windows or doors. She added that it had lots of edges going all over it and not just a triangle in the sky. She explained that no real wings or propellers were visible. She was no idea about the object’s identity that she was not sure if she could sketch it.
Among several suggestions she got from her friends was the possibility that it could have been a Nighthawk stealth aircraft. Secretive Skunk Works division of Lockheed developed the plane that could travel up to 1,000 km/h, particularly popular during the Gulf War. In 2008, however, it was retired. North-East UFO expert Glen Richardson was wondering if it was that particular model.
Hartlepool-based Glen doubted that kind of plane would be hovering above the woods. He suspected it to be military testing, but not really sure what it could be.
He urged anyone with footage to release it as he would like to investigate the sighting.
The strange event took place mid-afternoon near the County Durham village of Lanchester. Glen stated that this incident was one of many that hit the region recently.
Glen said that he observed a canny wave recently in the North-East and no reasons for it that he could think. He stressed that people these days just gained more courage to speak more on what they saw. He added that footage is vital to any investigation.
Suzanne, who did not get a snap out of her sighting, asked anyone who has the footage to share it to help give explanations for her close encounter. She said that the sighting left her confused and a bit scared due to insufficient knowledge of the object’s identity.
A spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense said that they were three Apache helicopters flying over where the sighting happened on that day. However, no further information was released.
Nevertheless, Suzanne was convinced that it wasn’t looked like a helicopter in any way.

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