Wikileaks cable: Mayor meets ambassador, confirms extraterrestrial life

Everyone who talks about Alien life and UFO’s wants actual proof. Every time a new UFO sighting is recorded on camera there are thousands of people who react skeptically about the source. And they should react skeptically since there are a lot of forgeries in the field of UFOlogy. However, there are thousands of other materials that prove the existence of beings and technology not from Earth.
From the hundreds of comments from highly ranked officials, Astronauts and scientists to Wikileaks cables, it seems that today there are countless materials that point towards the existence of beings not from Earth. What does it take for people to wake up and start thinking differently? It seems that after all, things are definitely not as we have been told for the past decade or so.
Here we bring you a very interesting Wikileaks cable that speaks about Extraterrestrial life: MAYOR MEETS AMBASSADOR, CONFIRMS EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE.

“REASON: 1.4 (b), (d)


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Source: Wikileaks

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