Why cave in Aksai poured tons of concrete? Anomalies Aksai

December 28, 2012 0:40

Why cave in Aksai poured tons of concrete? Anomalies Aksai

Aksai catacombs are taboo for people goroda.Podzemnye tunnels stretch for miles underground and created, as many thousands of years nazad.Kto create these tunnels, and what were the goals of the builders is not yet known.

Entrances and underground labyrinths mnogo.Ochen very often from their depths heard strange.

sounds skripy.Proiskhodili cases where cattle grazing near the entrance mysteriously cropped propadal.Nahodili only gnawed kosti.Vse it gives dungeon mystical.

After World War II data catacombs attracted soldiers who were going to use them as bunkerov.Srazu traversed surveyors, architects.

Artemy grandfather, a local resident, “In ’53 it was, as now pomnyu.Priehali military vehicles pyat.Provodili any measurement, samples were taken at grunta.Den third officer and two soldiers went to explore the caves, and we have small then were wondering bylo.Vot as they went back and did not immediately vyshli.Priletel chief of staff, organized poiski.Dali radios, all as polozheno.I those lost, the connection oborvalas.Zatem there have decided to send a detachment, a man with ten . Well, they found the missing, they were unknowingly killed, the bodies were cut to pieces. ”

When the officer found service weapon, which melted at high temperatures, portable radio was cut into two parts, a feeling that lazerom.Na bodies were thermal burns.

After the event, most of the entrances to the caves were filled with tons of concrete seven hundredth mark, which is used for building mostov.Chto so alarmed military with guns and nuclear weapons, forcing them to retreat hastily? Then all developments in this area ceased, and before all the inputs hanging signs “danger zone.”

In the nineties the catacombs of Aksai attracted masonov.Dolgoe time they were looking for something, digging, digging, found or not izvestno.Ponyatno not only that it was not the treasure, and something more valuable, because the search was spent millions.

Diggers also afraid of the caves after a single case.

Maxim, digger with experience: “In 2007, my friends and decided to come to the Aksai and explore these caves and dispel a lot of terrible legend.No we saw that the old stories are not without share pravdy.My were only a hundred meters and the wall behind us began to move, course the idea was blocked, but the mechanism has failed to see the wall and only half blocked the rear tonnel.My further decided not to go and come back. ”

In Aksai legends that live in the depths of Aksai Satan, the ancient ancestors sacrificed this suschestvu.Tonneli abound traps that can kill a person.

Still a mystery Aksay caves and remains a mystery.

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