Who is David Huggins? Man who claims he lost his virginity to E.T and fathered dozens of alien babies

A MARRIED sandwich shop worker who says he lost his virginity to E.T and fathered dozens of extraterrestrial babies after bedding an ALIEN in his teens – and has painted all of his raunchy encounters.

UFO lover David Huggins claims to have lost his virginity to a busty extraterrestrial called Crescent after walking through a forest when he was just 17.

Speaking on a documentary chronicling his bizarre life, he says: “I was walking in the woods, and I see a woman sitting under a tree – and she gets up and she starts coming towards me.

“I become very aroused sexually; I couldn’t get my pants down fast enough. I just lay down on the ground and she got on top of me. I have no idea why me. I just don’t know.

“I reach my climax, which was quite painful, actually; it was very intense. And then I’m looking in her eyes and I pass out… Virginity lost.”

Throughout the film Huggins shows off several of his raunchy paintings, all inspired by a lifetime of extraterrestrial romps.

One picture, which he dubbed “Virginity Lost”, refers to the night he claims to have first had sex with Crescent.

The 72-year-old, from Hoboken, New Jersey, says he’s fathered 60 alien kids altogether.

He had his first encounter aged eight, while living in rural Georgia with his family.

He said: “Nobody in my family seemed to see what I was seeing.

“My first encounter was when I was eight years old. I was playing at the base of a tree, and I hear this voice say, “David, behind you.”

“And I turned around and there’s this little hairy guy with large glowing eyes coming straight towards me. I thought it was the bogey man. I didn’t know what to think of it.”

But his parents began to grow sick of his stories, and after receiving a whipping for describing a visit, Huggins learnt not to mention them again.

He claims to have met little hairy aliens, grey aliens and insectoid aliens – but is keen to point out that he has not bedded all of them.

After attending several abductees anonymous meetings during the 1960s he stopped turning up, because they were “too depressing”.

But it was only in April this year that Love And Saucers premiered in the UK.

It featured in the British Film Institute’s “ten of the best” during a recent science fiction festival.


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