Weekend UFO Festival In Argentina

Thousands of people have come to Capilla del Monte in Argentina to take part of the annual international alien festival. The weekend festival in Cordoba province includes alien costume contests, a parade of neon lights with famous characters from Star Wars movie, and alien-related shops.
Workshops regarding extraterrestrial stuff are held near a local hill that is believed to be the place where UFO sighting reportedly took place 30 years ago. The strange event, according to general belief, left a huge burning mark on the grass of the hill. It also helps flourish the alien tourism of the town.
A visitor from Chile, Leonardo Fuentes, thinks people come in this place not just for tourism, but more about the energy and all that can be seen.
The festival, which is now in its fourth year, has become famous among tourists, especially alien enthusiasts worldwide because of the infamous UFO sighting three decades ago in the area.
One of the visited sites during the weekend is the Uritorco hill, known as the country’s magic mountain. Many people believe that there’s a presence of energy in the place credited for UFO sightings. Others also believe that it is a door to other dimensions.

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