Watch As Mysterious Fireball Streaks Across The Oregon Night Sky


An unidentified fireball was spotted blazing across the night sky in Oregon on Friday.
Video (around the 1-minute mark above) shows the bright object move through the air for several seconds before going out of view.
Witnesses of the “fireball event” logged more than 200 reports with American Meteor Society, with accounts spanning as far north as British Columbia down to southern Oregon.
It’s “hard to say if it was a spacecraft debris or not,” Jim Todd, director of Space Science Education at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, told KOIN.
“I haven’t ever seen anything like this. It was a shooting fireball,” one witness said, according to KGW.
“It was incredible!” said another witness in Quincy, Washington.
Here’s a second view of the fireball in the sky:

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