Unknown Object Photographed over Stourbridge/West Midlands-England

Hi B J and team,I have been sending photos of unknowns to you for nearly 2 years now I believe, I have sent 100’s in that time …but what I’m sending to you this time (if it’s a real unknown, & not a freak mistake) is truly baffling yet amazing!

There have been a lot of unexplained objects that I’ve captured whilst taking ‘randoms’ recently in the skies above Worldly & Stourbridge, however this one has had me, my colleages & friends and family scratching our heads in awe.

There have been terrible floods & storms lately in the West Midlands (England). I know from experience that there seems to be ‘extra’ UFO sightings during electrical storms and the like, so always go out of my way to take pics of the skies even when I can’t see anything with the naked eye!

However, I did see multi-coloured green/white/red lights throughout this storm. I just snapped away at the stormy sky, and could barely contain myself when I uploaded photos to my computer! of around 50 pics taken, only 1 photo really ‘found’ possibly the strangest anomaly I have ever captured!

As you can see, the airborne object, possibly 1 mile plus away, is fairly clear. Yet, I have no idea what it could really be. I didn’t hear anything except the stormy weather. I employed a Nokia N82 5 megapixel to take the photographs.

All the very best

Col Foster

Stourbridge/West Midlands-England

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