Unidentified Flying Object Photographed over Harker Heights, Texas

I never saw it move…

Harker Heights, Texas – 05-06-17

I was leaving work and about to get in my truck when I saw the object in the sky to the southwest of my position.

The object was bright and too big to be a star or planet. It was not the moon. Object seemed textured, almost like a mirror ball, and appeared about the diameter of a dime held at arms length in the sky.

The object just hovered in the sky and did not move. I heard no sound other than that of traffic, but I don’t think the object was close to me.

I had the impression it was very large but a good ways off. I watched approximately 10 minutes and then it was just gone. I never saw it move. It just wasn’t there anymore.

This is very close to Fort Hood, so it very well could be something military but I’m used to seeing transports and helicopters of all shapes and sizes. This was none of those aircraft.

It may be nothing but thought I’d send the picture your way just in case.

(Editor’s Note: This location is only about 8 miles west of my house. I’ve visited the base a number of time and seen a lot of their aircraft, but nothing that looks like what is shown in this report.)

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