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Basic technological principles behind field propulsion and electrogravitics

These general principles will vary depending on which extraterrestrial civilization the ship belongs to. This technology takes into use natural forces like the gravitational force and electromagnetism. Propulsion is provided from fields generated by equipment inside the craft. These fields will vary (plus or minus)depending on the effect sought. When entering the magnetic field of a planet, automatic detectors determine the flux intensity and the direction of flow in relation to the ship. When the ship is in the negative part of the magnetosphere, a field is created by the ship with the same polarity. This causes a repulsion effect like two magnets of the same polarity that repels each other. This makes the ship to move forward. When the ship is moving away from a planet, the force field generated by the ship will be such as to cause a weakening of the gravitational force. Source: Daniel Fry.

 Technology UFO

How are the force fields generated by the ship?

On most scout ships, there are two sets of magnetic poles. One is vertical through the center of the ship. The other set of poles is on one of two rotating rings at the bottom.
The vertical set of poles repels the Earth’s field with sufficient force to cancel the effects of gravity, much as centrifugal force, so as to suspend it in the air. For descending the field is weakened. To ascend, it is strengthened.

UFOpropulsionThe poles on one of the rotating rings are used to travel in directions other than directly perpendicular to the field. These are automatically aligned by computer so that the Ring North faces the earth’s magnetic South, and vice versa. The poles are generated independently, and are variable independently or simultaneously, either in terms of strengthening or of weakening both together, or strengthening one and weakening the other.

The second of the two rotating rings contains a revolving field, generated by a heavy current whipping around in coils in this ring. This field can be reversed instantly by simply changing the polarity of the current.
Source: Bob Renaud, UFO contact from the planet Korendor.

Most probably, the whining, high frequency sound that eyewitnesses have described when observing UFOs at close range, is caused by motion of the rings located at the bottom of the ship.

There is a high risk involved in moving close to or touch a ship that hovers close to the ground, or one that just has landed. In such situations one has to be 100% sure that all force field generators are turned off!
To be sure, keep a safe distance of more than one hundred meters.

For more information on the electromagnetic propulsion system used by UFOs, this website is recommended. Regarding development of new sources of energy based on electromagnetism and 0-point energy, see also Steven Greer’s The Orion Project.

Different types of crafts

There is a vast range of extraterrestrial spacecraft, depending on their use and origin.

Unmanned scanners

Scanner_PaulVillaThese are unmanned and often disc shaped. Their size can vary from very small 5-10 cm up to 1 meter of width. They can register all kind of metrological and atmospherical data level and type of pollution, etc. as well as a person’s thoughts, emotions and intentions. (Sources: Howard Menger: From Outer Space, Daniel Fry: They rode in Space Ships). Other names: Telemeter discs, Foo fighters. See UFO videos. This picture taken by the contactee Paul Villa on the of January 1963, shows both an unmanned scanner and an unmanned sphere/ball. Fom the book UFO Contact from Coma Berenesis.

The ball of light

This is another type of unmanned probe. After it is programmed, it can be directed by thought/telepathy in doing a certain task. When this is finished, it explodes and disappears.

A larger shining green ball of light

This type is observed after nuclear test or connected to radioactivity. When it explodes, radioactivity is neutralized. (Source: Other Tongue, Other Flesh, George Hunt Williamson).

ScoutshipA scout ship, is what usually comes to mind when the word UFO is mentioned. This is a larger manned vehicle that are transported over long distances(interplanetary) by a larger mothership. When the mother ship is in the vicinity of the planet or area that is under investigation, the scout ships are released.
See UFO videos.

A mother ship is a very large craft, sometimes several km long. Usually it does not land and are used to carry smaller scout ships. These large crafts with their crew can be away for months, sometimes years, and carry all facilities needed for this. (main source: They rode in Space Ships, Daniel Fry).


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