Hugh F. Cochrane

While most UFOs are known to be light emitting or light absorbing objects seen moving about the sky no satisfactory explanation has ever emerged to explain them. They have been labelled hoaxes, imagination and misinterpretation which in some cases has been proven true. But there are those that defy any rational explanation and after fifty years of diligent investigation the enigma remains unresolved.

Those in the UFO community blame government cover-ups for this lack of progress and include the media for following the government line. But the public has long ago lost interest in reports of fleeting UFO events which rarely last long enough to be properly investigated. When investigators do arrive and are equipped to gather samples of affected materials for laboratory analysis, the process can take weeks before the results are known and the media has other assignments.

An example of this was played out during the invasion of the crop circles in England in the late 8Os and ended in a fiasco when the reporters found two pensioners who claimed they had created all of the circles in England. They said they downed a few drinks in a local pub then used a board and rope to make the circles in some farm field before going home. The tabloids spread the story around the world and the public was satisfied with a solution that didn’t involve crop-fax messages from other worlds or the earth itself as proposed by some.

But the laboratory analysis of the affected plant and soil samples gathered at circles sites proved otherwise. When Dr. Levengood of the Pinewoods Laboratory, who had carried out some of the analysis, was asked if he thought the circles were hoaxes he replied, “If people had energy able to affect the plants and soil in this way they wouldn’t be squandering it in farm fields.” He added, “It’s a type of energy I’ve never come across.” The analysis had revealed that plants and soil had been altered on the atomic and molecular level by an outside source able to alter the material’s time, matter and gravity in ways not known to science. In the light-emitting phase it was able to expend thousands of watts of energy over long periods and the source of that energy is still unknown.

Also missed by the media were the reports of those who visited these event sites days or weeks later and suffered headaches, nausea and disorientation and had to leave. This includes animal mutilation, crop circles and UFO landing sites. This suggests some form of persisting radiation continues to come from the site and most animals, including predators, seem to sense a danger and will refuse to even approach these affected areas.

Further evidence was demonstrated dramatically when a BBC crew did a TV interview with the English investigator Pat Delgado at a two-week old crop circle. Each time Pat stepped inside the centre of the circle the TV sound technician outside the wide circle yanked the phones off his ears because of a loud warbling sound being radiated while Pat was inside the circle and Pat shouted that he could feel the vibrations in his body.

Others have not been as lucky. In 1967 a Manitoba prospector suffered a cribbage board-like pattern of burn spots across his chest from radiation emitted by a landed UFO and spent months in hospital. In 1967 the bodies of two Italian fishermen drowned in the Adriatic were found to have a similar pattern of burn spots on their bodies after their boat had been sunk by a UFO. In l980 two Texas women experienced undefined skin burns, falling hair and skin sores after their encounter with a UFO while driving down a highway late one night.

Most bizarre are the claims of miraculous physical healing and transformations experienced by those who have been targeted by beams of light from UFOs or had close encounters with these aerial objects. Typical were the l970s… claims of a French doctor whowas cured of old war wounds and a policeman who was instantly healed of an alligator bite on his arm when the wounded arm was struck by a beam of light from a nearby UFO. Those involved in these encounters often claim to have acquired heightened psychic abilities from the event and the claims of healing parallel the healing reported at religious shrines and the remissions have been proven by physical tests and past hospital records.

Stranger still are the personality changes experienced by some. There are a good number of cases where longtime investigators or accidental observers have found their lives dramatically changed by the encounter. Some seek a new role in life where they are more giving and drawn closer to their religious beliefs. Often the sudden change can break up the family and the experiencer will move to a distant location to follow their new role.

The fact that these radiations can and do invade the wavelengths used by the human brain seems obvious from the reports on file showing that these aerial objects can change their shape and form to comply with the observer’s belief and expectation. What you believe and expect is what you get, whether that is a devil or a deity. Its the Merlin Factor that leads many to think that these UFOs are under intelligent guidance by beings with well developed psychic abilities.

Dr Michael Persinger of Laurentian University has made a long-time study of the human brain and links these personality changes to micro-seizures in the human brain. The changes, he proposes, are due to bursts of radiation emitted by electrical flows generated by geologic pressures on the crystalline structures of rock deep inside the earth. He believes these energies erupting into the atmosphere invade wavelengths used by the human brain and are well capable of altering human personality. While his colleagues disagree with many parts of his proposals there can be no doubt that Persinger’s approach is more practical than belief in evil aliens. In fact the earth seems a more likely source of such natural phenomena.

In articles for scientific journals he demonstrated how these erupting energies could invade the human mind and entrain specific mental wavelengths to produce horrific nightmares. His measurements of these unknown energies were made and recorded on sophisticated scientific equipment which he had installed in an apartment where those sleeping in adjoining bedrooms reported similar reoccurring nightmares and the apartment sits atop a well known branch of a major fault cutting through the area….

If such a discharge able to expend thousands of watts of energy, as reported in some cases, then erupting from the earth directly under an animal while the animal is standing, it might hold the animal paralyzed and immobile while the surging energy seriously damaged its underside. If the energy disintegrates and invades the carcass before venting out through the throat or rectum, it might destroy vital organs along the way. As with the affected plants and soil, it might rob the blood of iron, or extract selected mineral elements from internal organs turning them into mush. It might even levitate the carcass into the air and carry it along for some distance before breaking free and allowing the carcass to fall back to earth.

Many of the veterinarians who have analysed the condition of the carcasses of mutilated animals refute the claims that predators or devil cultists are responsible for the killings. They find the animal’s internal organs and blood to have been robbed of essential mineral elements in ways parallelling the altered soil and plants at crop circle and UFO burn ring sites.

While most qualified scientists refuse to become involved in UFO events to protect their reputations or due to a lack of funds, those few who have explored the evidence on site or on file and have investigated the events have publicly stated their belief that the subject holds great potential. Dr. Allen Hynek who devoted years to the subject said that the solution to the UFO enigma could provide rich rewards. Others have said the energy behind the UFO phenomena could provide a quantum leap for science and open
the way to a whole new technology.

Like electricity, electronics and chemistry and their hazards, knowledge and ingenuity taught us safe ways to make use of natures forces for their benefits. If the energies behind UFO5 can provide ways to overcome gravity and alter time and matter in ways that seem impossible today, then these could be the basis for a whole new technology in the coming millennium. It would be 3MT, 3rd Millennium Technology. It would eliminate highways and bridges, dramatically change physical healing and open new roads to the stars.

For those in Southern Ontario with an interest in UFO5 watching and other mysterious events, the best location is anywhere along the north shore of Lake Ontario. Since the earliest of times this area, about a mile from shore, has been the site of numerous sightings of UFOs, sea serpents, ghostly burning vessels or crashed aircraft. Here ships have vanished from sight, people and planes have strangely disappeared and the area has a record for UFO sightings which have been photographed and videotaped. On the night of April 6, 1999, a report was phoned in by an observer on the bluffs who had watched a plane crash into the water near Bluffers Park. As in past years

With that sort of record it should not be a surprise that the Canadian Geological Society has finally admitted that this area is the location of a huge geologic fault that stretches from the St Lawrence River to Ohio. In some places the bottom of the lake here has dropped one to two hundred feet and the recent discovery of a huge six by three mile area of humping of the lake bottom a mile off the Toronto islands has raised questions about the future of this area. Over the past three centuries this lake has demonstrated an affinity for bizarre and mysterious events and has earned the reputation as the “Mother of Mysteries” and it would seem there is still much to be learned from her.

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