UFOs Sighted/Photographed over United Kingdom

Bedfordshire, UK-My wife and I have recently witnessed six UFOs on the night of Tuesday 10th 11:30pm, until approximately 3:00am on Wednesday 11th June.

One of the bright lights may be explained away as being a planetary body or satellite. Four of them were small white dots that flashed red, suspended in a kite-shaped formation, but spaced a considerable distance apart. What was strange about them was they were silent and hovered unstably in the air. (Almost as though they were jangling at the end of some string.)

The fifth was the most amazing of all! It was immense compared to the white & red dots, hovered low in the air, and was pale orange in colour. (Almost transparent.)

This UFO was shaped like a bowler hat with an upside-down saucer at the bottom and only appeared at the end of my recording!

NB – two of the four flashing lights flew over my house and out of sight, however, the remaining two merged with the large “Mother Ship,” then descended out of view.

Unfortunately my video camera was only able to capture the large orange “Mother Ship,” and the original bright light! The flashing lights were too small for my camera to detect.

Please find attached a photo of the saucer & would value any insight into whether anyone can explain what or who I saw!.

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