UFO’s Odd Tale ‘Not Made By Man’ Hovering Over Chile

Despite the reports made by hundreds of people, UFO has still received numerous negative reactions. While there are people who do not believe in external forces, there are those who strongly believe that the phenomenon exists based on the asseveration made by the pilot, (military or civil), radar controllers and ground traffic. Believers may lack knowledge about its nature or origin, but they did not question the existence of UFOs. The lack of knowledge is the cause why experts continue to investigate with the hope of finding answers to their questions.
The UFO story declared as “not made by man” by CEFAA, the official government organization of Chile that studies UFOs, is dissected at Huffington Post by Lee Speigel. According to Kean, the study concludes that the object may be qualified as UFO because it is a phenomenon or object of great interest. So, how the organizations misinterpreted the CEFAA’s investigations?
According to some news accounts, that claim comes from a famous Chilean government who funded UFO research group. If one quote is true, then UFO researchers might have been impatiently awaiting to see the proof of extraterrestrial visitation. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed.
In April 2013, the story unfolds when 2 photos of an unusual disc-shaped object over northern Chile has emerged. As the UFO remained in the sky for one hour, eyewitnesses watched it moving and hovering around. According to the Ireland and UK edition of Yahoo! News, the CEFAA has ruled the object is not any known object made by man or some or weather phenomenon. According to Jose Lay, they do not pay attention to the press articles on this matter.
It started when the images were sent to CEFAA for examination. Lay told HuffPost best-selling author and blogger Leslie Kean that the UFO could not have been a drone operating in the mine area. The officials ruled out experimental planes, aircraft, weather balloons and some others that could explain the incident. So the study concludes that an object can be qualified as a UFO.

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