UFOs like Jets Fade into Thin Air over Charlestown

Charlestown, Rhode Island – 09-13-17

Odd ‘ jet liners’ with bright lights fade into thin air.

While enjoying a brief stay at East Beach in Charlestown, RI, and lying on my back looking up at the clear blue sky, I spotted what looked like an airliner or B-52 shaped plane with fuselage, two wings, and four jet pods (2 on each wing).

I didn’t notice the ‘plane’ approach but only noticed it as it materialized overhead. I would guess the altitude to be 15k feet up.

The craft caught my attention by virtue of ‘bright lights’ attached to the ends of the four ‘jet pods’…the fuselage and wings had a translucent texture about it. It seemed, somehow, ‘fake’ to me.

The four bright, silvery lights at the ends of the pods changed as I observed it (I had binoculars with me, having viewed an old B-17, B-24, and a spitfire of WWII vintage earlier pass over the shoreline next to me, in prep for a local airshow over Labor Day weekend.).

Through the binoculars I had a good close up view of the ‘plane.’ It’s speed was slow for a jet, in my opinion. As I looked at it close up, the far left ‘light’ went out and was replaced by the same type light at the end of the tail section. Now, there were 3 wing lights and one tail light.

All were very bright and prominent. As I continued to watch, the craft just faded out..it became dimmer and then just gone. No sound was heard. About 3 minutes later as I continued my sky search another similar ‘plane’ appeared in the same general area but higher in elevation.

It, too, had the same lights but only two that I saw…one on each side of respective wing pods. It was also translucent in substance as was the first. It also faded quickly as if de-materializing as I watched. The first craft sighting was in view for about 10 seconds but the second craft for only 5 seconds.

Both were going in the same Westward direction. It was the lights on these ‘planes’ and their translucence that I deemed very odd and not normal. I thought about the sun’s reflective aspect on metal as an explanation but dismissed the idea as there was no consistency to it and the craft continued straight and not deviating.

Another mystery, but possibly UFOs that can mimic our air craft and go unnoticed by the public.

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