UFO Videotaped near the Vulcan Bomber in Great Britain

Shoreham, Great Britain — 08-14-17

I was working on Shoreham Power Station near Brighton, UK. I was an avid follower of the then-flying Vulcan Bomber XH558. I had a tracker app on my mobile phone that roughly showed the plane’s whereabouts.

That particular day and time it was flying between airshows on the south coast area. As I was aware that the Vulcan would be flying over or nearby I positioned myself at the top of an outdoor single flight of stairs on a two story temporary building where I thought I might get a decent view of the plane and I waited with my iphone 6 ready to record.

I was not disappointed as shortly after the Vulcan flew over the power station. The second it came into view I began to record it.

It more or less flew straight over my head. I stopped recording after it went out of my view because the building behind me was in the way. A small tracker plane was flying nearby the Vulcan to my left.

Later on after work, I sat down and watched the video. Where I had stopped it there was a black speck. I was annoyed as I thought I had captured a bee or something and it spoiled my video.

I made my mind up to crop the video later on to remove the ‘bee’. I zoomed in to look at it and discovered that it wasn’t a bee. No legs or wings and if you look closely right at the end of the video you can see the object flying along at great speed.

It appears to be a saucer-type object with a dome shape on top as the zoomed in stills show. I did not see this object fly over when I watching the Vulcan. I honestly think I would not have seen it with the speed it was traveling at.


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