UFO Theory

Ancient-astronaut lore believes that the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are creations of superior extraterrestrial technology. Such theories have no real basis in fact. ­FORTEAN PICTURE LIBRARY
UFO theories seek to explain aspects of UFO phenomena. Are aliens already here? What are they like? If UFOs have arrived, where do the spaceships come from? What is it like to witness a UFO? Are particular kinds of people more likely to see UFOs?

These UFO theory articles discuss ways that UFO researchers have tried to shine light on those important questions:

Spring Heeled Jack was known not only for his murderous spree, but for his otherworldly physical abilities. Some have even proposed that he was an alien.
Hollow Earth Theory tries to explain where spaceships come from and what their civilizations are like, deep inside the Earth.
The Oz Factor is the description for the unique experience of UFO witnesses. Witnesses are most often alone, almost as if transported to another world.
An occultist leader in California first came up with theory of Ether Ships, which have a variety of manifestations, including what we know as UFOs.
Research in UFO Psychology explores the nature of the UFO experience from the inside, studying the mental health and behavior of UFO witnesses.
In the middle of the 20th century, some UFO theorists posited that flying saucers were actually Space Animals, strange interstellar creatures with properties unlike our terrestrial creatures.
Most UFO reports are shown to be caused by natural phenomena. But sometimes Explaining UFOs isn’t so easy.
Especially since the Roswell Incident, theories about UFOs & Government Secrecy have been widespread. What exactly do “They” know?

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