UFO Sightings in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield, UK

OVER the weekend the WHT have been inundated with reports of UFO sightings across Times Territory skies.

Readers have seen a mass group of lights flying in formation on several separate occasions.

On Friday night “eight orange diamond shaped objects” were seen at 11pm across Welwyn Hatfield.

Rachel Albuquerque, from High Grove, WGC, said: “I heard one of the taxi drivers say what on earth is that in the sky.

“I looked up to see a number of probably eight orange diamond shaped objects.

“These were high above the Howard Centre and shimmering.

“One of the objects travelled to a different position whilst the others appeared to be hovering.

“They were definitely not aeroplanes, my husband is a pilot and he would know, he would estimate they could have been 20 or 30 miles away if not further.

“We watched for a couple of minutes and as some cloud cleared there appeared to be more coming in from the west.

“I felt panicked by the sighting and hurried home, thinking something awful might be about to happen. It did feel like being in a sci-film for a few minutes.”

The weekend previous, on Saturday August 2, Emma Madgwick, who was at a house party in Valley Road told the WHT she also saw lights flying in formation across the sky.

“There is no way they were aeroplanes or anything like that.

“I was the first to see them and at first I thought they were just stars but they were glowing yellow, a really unusual colour.

“I then called out everyone and we were all out watching them for ages.

“My friend was so convinced that they were some kind of UFO that she turned on the news.

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