UFO Sightings In Bermuda

Bermuda and flying saucers have long been associated with each other, and the truth is out there on the internet. Nearly 130,000 pages of declassified files from legendary Project Blue Book, the US Air Force’s initiative to investigate reported UFO sightings, went live online at The Black Vault website. Included in the online archive are files on UFO sightings reported from Bermuda.
Perhaps the most famous Bermuda sightings happened on June 20, 1949 when a brilliant object that was spherical in shape reportedly seen by a Paget architect streaking across the horizon in the Island heading south.
From the garden of a South Shore house, the architect, his wife, and two friends observed the mysterious object for five minutes. According to the files from Project Blue Book, the sphere was found decreasing in velocity and suddenly going straight up then disappearing in a matter of seconds.
A US Air Intelligence Report on the UFO sighting dated 11th of July concluded that an accurate estimate of the altitude or speed of the object was not possible because of the object’s shape. But based on its position in relation to cloud banks, experts estimated it to be between 10,000 and 15,000 feet above the ocean’s surface.
In January 1956, a crew of a Danish freighter in waters south-east of Bermuda claimed to have seen a round bright object. Falling towards the Earth, the Danish seaman initially thought it was a shooting star. However, the witness saw it stopped abruptly, hovered, and suddenly change direction, and then emitted a long tail, red like a flame, before disappearing from the sight as fast as it had appeared.
Another UFO sighting was reported on July 15, 1958 when several residents in Bermuda and crews aboard US Air Force planes claimed to have observed multiple UFOs in five different areas located around 75 to 150 miles southwest of the Island. All of the witnesses described the UFOs as green, two witnesses said the mysterious objects seemed to disintegrate. All witnesses agreed that the aerial objects travelled at great speed.

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