UFO Sighting Video: Mysterious Objects Seen Flying In Formation Over China

Many UFO enthusiasts suggest that aliens are watching us after a fleet of unidentified flying objects were seen hovering over a Chinese city.

A video that was uploaded to YouTube appears to show multiple UFOs moving above China. While the details of the video may be scarce as the uploader doesn’t say which area of China they are spotted, the clip clearly shows something suspicious. The video shows three UFOs in formation moving overhead.

The strange aerial objects differ in size with the center one being by far the biggest.

The variation of size had led some to think that the UFOs were not human-made as the fleet would likely all have been of the same aircraft if they were terrestrial.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe that extraterrestrials are watching us across the globe. They say that UFOs are everywhere and they vary in size, some are big and some are as small as baseballs.

Certain quarters of conspiracy theorists say that China being the secretive nation has its own Area 51. They believe it is located in the middle of nowhere in the Gobi Desert where they see a series of strange structures.

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