UFO Seen In The Sky During A Super Bowl Game

The New England Patriots were set to go against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl LII, and all eyes of the sporting world were on the U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, sky watchers extended their interest beyond planet Earth as they observed a UFO buzzing in the sky.
On the Super Bowl, dozens of witnesses saw a huge UFO.
An unnamed witness was driving on I-94 around 3:30 pm. They noticed a bunch of cars pulled over to the side of the road. People got out of their vehicles and stood outside. They were shaking up and trembling as they were typing their report.
They could not tell if it was a real aircraft or if it was just a movie, but they were sure it was not an aeroplane. According to their report, it was a diamond-shaped with dark, dull grey colour. The object in question reportedly did make a noise that was difficult to describe.
Today’s Super Bowl saw the Philadelphia Eagles upset the National Football League’s (NFL) defending champion New England Patriots at the score of 41-33 in a grudge match on Sunday to capture their maiden Super Bowl title.

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