UFO Reported over Lions Bay, BC, Canada

Police in Squamish received an extremely unusual call for assistance from the public last week.

On the night of February 21st RCMP received a complaint that multiple unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were flying over Lions Bay. The resident that called police advised they were not drinking or taking drugs, and that their family was watching the UFOs for 45 minutes, before they vanished.

The sighting was observed above the bay and had a bright light “that was not a plane or star” according to an RCMP release.

The caller stated that there were three smaller green lights that appeared hovering and quickly moved a round the bay below the large light. The resident told police that it appeared the smaller green lights were communicating with the large light, although it made no sound.

Eventually all the lights suddenly vanished. According to the witness, this is the second time they’ve observed UFO activity in the area and that a similar instance had occurred 2 years ago.

Two Mountain FM listeners reported witnessing similar events around Lions Bay that were difficult to explain, although they did not happen at the same time.

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