UFO Moves over Boat in Mountain Home, Arkansas

My family and I were on the lake; we had been out there all day. We threw out some floats for catfish around 8 pm and headed back to the docks slowly cruising on the pontoon boat.

As we came around the bend of one of the bays we could see the lights from the docks.

Just above all the lights there was a small very shiny “star.” I said to my son “Hey, look at that star.”

We all looked, and then it got bigger and bigger. The light was so bright, but didn’t have a beam as any other light would when shining at night.

Then as it came closer to the boat we stopped and shut the boat off. The light started to dim; then it came about 30 ft. from the boat or less, and hovered for a minute or two.

Then it went to the left as it hovered over the water. There were pulsating lights of a silver tint. It wasn’t a huge craft but it was big.

The light was so bright at the beginning of the sighting it was unreal. It was so close to us, and it was transparent or black at the same time.

I think I could see through it, but it was black at the same time. This could have been from the sky, but I am not sure. The whole thing was pretty incredible.

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