UFO in Canada, Feb 2017

I was watching a fairly intense lightning storm roll into the mouth of the bay off the Atlantic,” the witness stated. “We were waiting for our bar-b-q to finish and I began to film the storm hoping to get some good footage of the lightning as I waited.The storm was still a good 20 minutes away, but the lightning was going straight down into the water almost everytime and I continued to film for about two minutes.

I put my camera away,ate supper as the storm passed overhead, and thought nothing more of it until two or three days later when I was going through the video.I watched it normally and saw nothing, got to the end and hit pause during one of the lightning strikes.Took a screenshot for Facebook and continued to scroll backwards very slowly going from lightning strike to lightning strike and taking screenshots.

As I got to the very first seconds of the video, during the double lightning bolt and bang, I could see a disc-like object the size of a semi-trailer flying out of the bay on an angle at an unimaginable speed across the sky through the double flash and up into the clouds with a bang and whirly wind tunnel echo sound.

But with determination and brain surgeon fingers, I was able to get screenshots of it within that second.I have some unbelievable video and even more unbelievable pictures.I’ve spent almost eight months seeking help and getting nowhere. I pray you people take me seriously and show interest because this is real.

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