UFO Hunters Discover “Alien Structures” on Mercury

Truth researchers found what they call alien buildings after looking through NASA photos from Jet Propulsion Laboratory team, who send robotic probes for the Solar System exploration.
Experts claim that the discovery of alien buildings on the first rock from the Sun isn’t the first time.
Pictures seem to show 17 structures in dome shape around the craters’ edges on Mercury.
Bumps across the surface of the planet are found in photos taken from one of NASA’s orbiters.
However, instead of considering them as natural formations, some UFO hunters believe these dome-shaped structures are of alien origin.
Just last week, some extraterrestrial enthusiasts identified an alien moon base in pictures taken from lunar orbiter of NASA.
Referring to the dome-shaped formations, truth seekers suggest these structures show something other than what scientists think.
Mercury has temperature highs of about 900C and lows of -173C. Life, as we know it, would be almost impossible to exist in the smallest planet of the Solar System. Furthermore, liquid water cannot exist on its surface.
The planet also experiences frequent solar storms and asteroid impacts.

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