UFO hunters claim massive 28km-long Aboriginal figure was carved into Aussie Outback by ALIENS to let others know humans lived on Earth

CARVED into the red dirt of Australia’s Outback lies the mysterious Marree Man – a giant figure so immense it can be seen from space.

Mystery has surrounded the 28km-long artwork – showing a hunter throwing a stick – ever since it was first spotted by a tour flight almost two decades ago.

And now UFO hunters have claimed that aliens may have etched the figure on the remote region of South Australia as a marker to show that humans inhabit the planet.

Mystery History made the bizarre claim, saying a “fleet of vehicles, system of radio communication and huge resources” would have been necessary to create the carving.

Was the Marree Man created by extra-terrestrials as a form of orbital indication to show what inhabits the planet,” the UFO hunters claimed.

Experts have been baffled by the figure for almost 20 years, with everyone from the US Army to local artists said to have had a hand in its creation.

It was first seen by tour flight operator Trevor Wright on 26 June 1998.

He noticed the outline from the air while flying between between Marree and Coober Pedy, two small towns north of Adelaide.

At the time, Shane Anderson from the William Creek Hotel, located some 200km from Marree, said he received a fax detailing the location of the geoglyph.

Mr Anderson believed the anonymous fax was a joke and ignored it.

Some believe the figure was the work of South Australian artist Bardius Goldberg.

Mr Goldberg, who passed away in 2002, reportedly told friends he’d been paid $10,000 (£6,000) to create the Marree Man.

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