UFO Hunter Spots Odd “Alien Structure” In The Middle Of A Lunar Crater

Earth’s moon is a fascinating place that has barely been explored. In fact, we know so little about the moon that we aren’t really sure as to how exactly it formed when it formed, and a plethora of other questions remain unanswered.
I’ve written about some of the peculiarities of the moon in previous articles where I described how the earth’s faithful companion has remained a fascinating astronomical object for millennia.

To understand just how strange the moon actually is, we look at a quote from Robin Brett, a scientist from NASA who once said: “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.”
And that’s kinda‘ true.
The possibility that the moon is home to ‘alien’ artifacts is not the product of modern conspiracy theories. In fact, if we look back to 1970, we will find an extremely interesting study published by two Russian scientists, Mikhail Vasin, and Alexander Shcherbakov titled “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?.”
The Russian scientific duo proposed the theory that Earth’s Moon is not a natural satellite, but a planetoid that was literally hollowed out eons ago in the far reaches of the universe by super advanced intelligent beings possessing a technology far superior to ours, even today.
The study was published in the Soviet journal Sputnik.
The moon is packed with mysteries, strange things, and unanswered questions.
To answer some of these questions, China, for example, is launching the Chang’e-4 mission which is set to touch down on the moon’s far side. There, it will hopefully answer some of the mysteries about the moon’s side that always points away from Earth.
And now, the mysteries continue.
As people have access to more powerful amateur telescopes, there are plenty of lunar images available for people to look at.
One such image, taken by amateur astronomers features a mysterious, almost artificial-looking structure inside one lunar crater.
The image, as well as info about it, was published by the YouTube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon, which has more than 600k subscribers.
The video dubbed “Unknown Structure Middle Of A Moon Crater!” shows us what seems to be a strange structure protruding from inside a crater, which the YouTuber explains could be part of an alien base on the moon.
As the video goes on, the narrator questions whether the structure visible in the footage originally captured by Mr. William Bennett is an artificial dome-shaped structure, and whether images like the one posted in the video are preparing us for disclosure.
Cool Story Bro
And yeah, every time someone publishes visual material and writes “Unknown Structure Middle Of A Moon Crater!” you know you are going to get attention.
The video posted by Thirdphaseofmoon was viewed more than one hundred and nineteen times as of writing.
It generated more than 850 comments.
The footage snapped by Bennett were later picked up by more YouTubers who delve into conspiracy theories like Leak Project, who also wondered what this mysterious ‘object is doing on the moon’.
But every time someone posts something like this on YouTube and claims it was aliens, its time to stop and think. What if it is not?
So yeah, there are really countless moon anomalies that are worth the research. But does that mean every single new anomaly is too?
Regrettably, in recent times, people have been known to manipulate and photoshop certain images of the moon in order to make them sensationalistic, in order to ‘sell them’ on YouTube.
This fact directly damages work done by people who really do investigate actual anomalies on the lunar surface.
Let me know what you think, and post your comments below.

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